Al Roker Health Update: Thankful To Be Back Home

Al Roker Health Update: Thankful To Be Back Home

When TODAY show host Al Roker disappeared for a few days, viewers of NBC’s morning program wondered what had happened to their favorite host. Last week, the 68-year-old broke his silence, posting to Instagram to tell his fans and followers that he had been hospitalized with blood clots in his leg and lungs.

Since last week’s announcement that he had been hospitalized, Al Roker’s health has been on everyone’s minds. Read on to find his latest health update.

Al Roker Post Health Update On Social Media

After skipping the 2022 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as co-host for the first time in nearly three decades, the 68-year-old NBC anchor Al Roker provided a health update.

The Today show host was quite appreciative that he felt well enough to visit his family for Thanksgiving on Thursday. His Instagram account included footage of him walking around the hospital corridor while wearing a mask.

“So much to be #thankful for on the #thanksgiving day. Leaving the hospital and home for #thanksgivingdinner,” he captioned a post of himself back on his feet again.

Al Roker Health Update: Thankful To Be Back Home

A snapshot of him giving the thumbs up while he watched the celebrations on TV was also posted.

Al was thankful to be released from the hospital and looking forward to seeing his son Nick, who had left for college in September at the age of 19.

Al Roker Health Update: Thankful To Be Back Home

The proud father of three shared his vision for the holiday by saying: “Nick has been away at college all year, so I know he’s looking forward to a home-cooked meal and time with his family during Thanksgiving. We can’t wait to spend time in his company.”

We hope to see Al Roker back on air soon, and in the meanwhile, send our best wishes for a rapid recovery.

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Al Roker Missed First Thanksgiving Day Parade In 27 Years

Al Roker missed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in 27 years on Thursday morning. He had been in the hospital earlier this month for blood clots.

Al Roker Health Update: Thankful To Be Back Home

Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer took over Roker’s role as host at the annual event, which brings out some of the biggest names in entertainment to celebrate Thanksgiving and kick off the holiday season.

His “Today Show” cohosts who were at the parade mentioned that he wasn’t there at the beginning of the show. They wished him a speedy recovery and pointed out that he left a legacy of enthusiasm and spirit.

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Hoda Kotb said, “At this point in the last 27 parades, we’d turn to Al Roker, our ‘Today Show’ co-host and best friend. But, as many of you know, Al is recovering from a recent health issue, and he’s doing very well.” “We just want to tell Al that we love him. I’m wondering if you’re looking. But we hope you get better soon.”


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