‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Season 2 Will Return In December!

'Alchemy Of Souls' Season 2 Will Return In December!

Since it started airing on June 18, “Alchemy of Souls” has been a fan favorite. The story is about a group of powerful magicians whose lives are all connected. To save each other and get over their fears of using alchemy, they make and break their lives.

With Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min in the lead roles, “Alchemy of Souls” has reached its highest level of popularity. As the show’s last episode on August 28 approaches, the main character Mudeok, played by Jung So Min, is in danger of dying. She has the soul of Naksu, a famous soul-shifter who loves Lee Jae Wook’s character Jang Uk.

Reports say that a second season of “Alchemy of Souls” will start airing at the end of this year. Part 2 of the show, which will air in December, will continue the story written by the famous Hong sisters, according to a member of the drama crew.

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It was also said that the cast had already started filming for season 2 and that the shooting would continue until sometime in the fall.

‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Season 1 Final Episode: Review

Jin-main Mu’s plan was stopped in the last episode, so this finale is mostly about tying up loose ends and setting up a new threat for the second season. This seems to happen because Mu-Deok is affected by the bells and is under Jin’s control.

'Alchemy Of Souls' Season 2 Will Return In December!

Also, if Bu-Yeon is supposed to be this powerful mage, she should have done something about the bells, right? I think it seems a little forced and is mostly used to set up a second season. But, to be fair, the story could have ended in episode 19, which would have made sense. This chapter is a lot like the first chapter of season 2 in a lot of ways.

But there is also the problem of Jin-Mu, who has gotten into the throne room and is trying to influence the royal family. Even that seems a little forced since the queen should already hate Jin-Mu very much at this point. Why does she agree with what he says? Now, it’s possible that the king will punish Songrim for what happened, which would help Jin-Mu.

There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered, but the cliffhanger ending isn’t too bad because we know there will be another season. All the drama about Ho-daughter, Gyeong’s the ice stone, Jang-new Uk’s purpose, etc., should happen later this year.

'Alchemy Of Souls' Season 2 Will Return In December!

‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Season 2: Plot

The drama, which was written by the Hong sisters, is about young mages in a made-up place called Daeho. Lee Jae Wook plays Jang Uk, and Jung So Min plays Naksu, a warrior who is stuck in the body of Jang Uk’s servant Mudeok.

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Now, the second part of “Alchemy of Souls” will come out in December. Reports say that the cast of the drama has already started filming for the same and that filming should be done by the fall.

The plot will be about Naksu’s past life and what she did before she met Mu Deok and had a soul transfer.

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