Who Is Alfie Allen’s Girlfriend? Is He Dating Nicole Della Costa?

Who Is Alfie Allen's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Nicole Della Costa?

Alfie Allen and his girlfriend, the artist Nicole Della Costa, had some free time in New York City.

The stylish pair looked happy as they walked around New York City together on Sunday.

Alfie, who is 35, has been dating Nicole for a while now, but no one knows exactly how long. Earlier this month, they were seen making out in New York.

Alfie dressed casually on Sunday. He wore a T-shirt with a print, sweatpants, and a dark green Nike cap.

He looked at his lady love as she smiled while they were talking.

Nicole wore a dark blue sweater looped over her shoulders and a white button-down shirt.

She slung a black leather bag over her shoulder and strutted down the street in loafers that matched.

Who Is Alfie Allen's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Nicole Della Costa?

Nicole is a poet and the founder of the non-profit The Poetry Bank. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Poetry Bank “works as a digital exchange of poems by people she invites from all walks of life, who can use the platform to share pieces by their favorite authors,” the site says.

Early this month, Nicole and Alfie were seen getting very close.

Alfie is the star of the critically acclaimed play Hangmen, which opened on Broadway in April and has been getting great reviews.

Allen, who became famous as Theon Greyjoy on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, plays the lead role in the Broadway production of the hit play Hangmen by Martin McDonagh.

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In 2015, the play made its debut at London’s Royal Court Theatre. In 2018, it was shown on London’s West End and off-Broadway.

In the play, Allen plays an executioner named Harry Wade. He and his family own a pub and now have to deal with the end of hangings.

Before COVID-19 shut down Broadway in 2020, the Hangmen play had a preview run of 13 shows.

Allen’s most recent movies were Jojo Rabbit, which came out in 2019, and La Cha Cha and Night Teeth, both of which came out in 2021.

Along with Ben McKenzie, Sofia Boutella, Jack O’Connell, and Dominic West, he will also be in the upcoming miniseries SAS: Rogue Heroes.

What Is Alfie Allen’s Net Worth?

Alfie Allen was born on September 12, 1986, in Hammersmith, London, England. His full name is Alfie Evan Allen. Alison Owen, who is Alfie’s mother, is a film producer. Keith Allen, who is Alfie’s father, is an actor. Lily Allen, his older sister, is nominated for a Grammy and wrote the song “Alfie” about him. Kevin Allen, an actor, and the director is Alfie’s uncle, and Sam Smith, a singer, is his third cousin. Allen went to Windlesham House School, Embley Park School, St. John’s College, and the Fine Arts College.

Who Is Alfie Allen's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Nicole Della Costa?

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English actor Alfie Allen has a net worth of $6 million. Allen is best known for his role as Theon Greyjoy on the HBO show “Game of Thrones,” which ran from 2011 to 2019. In the last two seasons of the show, he made up to $300,000 per episode. Alfie has been in more than 40 movies and TV shows, like “Atonement” (2007), “John Wick” (2014), and “Jojo Rabbit” (2019), as well as “Harlots” (2019) and “White House Farm” (2019). (2020). He was also the host of “Football: A Brief History by Alfie Allen,” which aired on the History Channel in 2017. In February 2022, it was announced that Allen would make his Broadway debut in Martin McDonagh’s “Hangmen,” which would be put on by the Golden Theatre.

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