Are There Clues About Aliens And UFOs In Mona Lisa?

Are There Clues About Aliens And UFOs In Mona Lisa?

The Mona Lisa is one of the most well-known paintings in the world. She is known for her smoky eyes and taunting smile. Now, researchers have looked more closely at the well-known Renaissance masterpiece and found proof that Leonardo da Vinci used charcoal underdrawing to create the mysterious features of the sitter.

If the conspiracies are to be believed, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Mona Lisa” could be proof that life exists beyond Earth. Then, there is a website that says it has found an “alien” in the famous painting. How true are the claims of there being clues about aliens in Mona Lisa, let’s find out.

Did Leonardo Da Vinci Hide An ‘Alien high priest’ In ‘Mona Lisa’?

The Mirror said that the website Paranormal Crucible claimed to have found an “alien high priest” hidden in the famous painting, suggesting that this is proof of an alien presence.

Are There Clues About Aliens And UFOs In Mona Lisa?

In a strange video posted online, the group shows the hidden life form and what they say are facial features, a headdress, a cloak, and hands. They say that many theologians think 14th and 15th-century painter and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci put secret codes and hidden messages in most of his work on purpose.

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In the video, Paranormal Crucible says that if the colors are changed to make it clearer, you can see the face, headdress, cloak, and hands of a “Alien High Priest.”

The video is told by a computer-made voice that says: “Many theologians think Leonardo Da Vinci put secret codes and hidden messages in most of his work on purpose.

It also said that if this is true, it seems likely that the Mona Lisa was painted to hide important historical and religious facts, possibly about the presence of aliens and their secret involvement in the Roman Catholic Church.

Are There Clues About Aliens And UFOs In Mona Lisa?

Alien conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring, who runs the website UFO Sightings Daily, went on to say that Da Vinci was a member of the alien species himself because he was very smart, had a wide range of creative ideas, and did a lot with them.

Waring said that Da Vinci is unusual in that he can work in all of these different fields. He also said that geniuses are rarely good at everything like Leonardo.

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Could There Be a Hidden Drawing Beneath the ‘Mona Lisa’?

Pascal Cotte, a scientist, began studying the Mona Lisa in 2004 when the Louvre asked him to digitize it with his high-resolution, multispectral Lumiere Technology camera. He wrote about his findings in a recent issue of the Journal of Cultural Heritage. Colette then used a technique called “layer amplification,” which lets scientists boost weak infrared signals and find new details in paintings, to find signs of the hidden underdrawing.

Could There Be a Hidden Drawing Beneath the ‘Mona Lisa’?

In the end, Colette took more than 1,650 scans of photographs. He and co-author Lionel Simonot, a physicist at the University of Poitiers, have spent the last 15 years analyzing this data.

“These discoveries add to the mystery of how [the Mona Lisa] was made,” Cotte tells Josh Saunders of Express. “[I]n the end, we realize that it is the result of a very long “creative act” that took place in several stages over more than a decade.”

The new analysis suggests that Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa using a method called spolvero. This method let him use charcoal dust to move sketches from paper to canvas.

But many critics and scholars didn’t agree with this: Martin Kemp, an art historian, told BBC News‘ Roya Nikkhah that Cotte’s Lumiere Technology probably shows “a continuous process of evolution” instead.

Jonathan Jones of the Guardian agreed with Kemp’s assessment. He said that Leonardo worked on the painting his whole life, adding details as his ideas about art changed.

Jones said, “Of course, he didn’t do something as silly as paint someone else over his portrait of a Florentine woman.” “I was more interested in what he did. He worked on this portrait until the face of a real person became a myth.


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