Anthony Anderson’s Divorce From Alvina Anderson

Anthony Anderson's Divorce From Alvina Anderson

Anthony Anderson is responding to his wife Alvina Anderson’s request for a divorce.

After 22 years of marriage, the 51-year-old star of “Black-ish” asked the court to end the relationship. He wrote that they broke up on February 25 and said that they couldn’t work out their differences.

In the papers, it also says that the actor wants spousal support to be set aside for “future determination” and that his ex-wife would get this money. He does, however, want both sides to pay for their own attorneys’ fees.

The father of two isn’t sure about “the exact nature and extent of separate property assets and obligations” right now, so he said, “I reserve the right to change this answer once I find out.” Also, he doesn’t know much about their “community and quasi-community assets and obligations.”

People asked Alvina’s lawyer for a comment, but the lawyer didn’t answer right away.

Anthony Anderson's Divorce From Alvina Anderson

In Alvina’s divorce papers from March 25, she wrote “TBD” for the date the couple broke up. She wants spousal support, and she asked Anthony to pay for her lawyer.

Alvina also asked that all of the property they bought while they were married be considered “community property” and be split between them. But “all gifts and inheritances, all assets, earnings, accumulations, and debts” she had before she got married are listed under “separate property.”

In September 1999, when Anthony and Alvina had been together for 10 years, they got married. They have a 26-year-old daughter named Kyra and a 22-year-old son named Nathan.

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“I knew a girl who lived in the apartment when I was a sophomore and she was a freshman, so I went to knock on the door to invite her to a party that my friends and I were having. The door was opened by my wife. I told her, “I was coming to invite Stacey to this party we’re having.” Stacey didn’t show up, but my wife did. Since that night, we’ve been together “he told Parade in December. “And I was just me: I got there early, she didn’t see anyone else, and she said, “All right, I’m going to party with this guy!”

Added Anthony, “On our 10th year together, we got married. She’s quiet, I’m loud. Opposites attract.”

Alvina filed for divorce in 2015, saying that she and her husband couldn’t get along and asking for spousal support. She wrote that they broke up on April 1, 2014.

In January 2017, she filed to end the divorce case. According to E! News, it looked like they were getting back together at the time.

Anthony Anderson's Divorce From Alvina Anderson

Alvina Anderson Biography

Alvina Anderson is a well-known Family Member. She was born in the United States on December 18, 1970. She is known for marrying actor Anthony Anderson, who became famous for his role as Detective Kevin Bernard on the TV show Law & Order. Astrologers say that Sagittarius is Alvina Anderson’s star sign.

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Alvina is one of the wealthiest Family Members and is on the list of the most well-known Family Members. Based on what we found on Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Alvina Anderson has a net worth of about $1.5 million.

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