Know About Brad Stevens’ Wife Tracy Wilhelmy!

Know About Brad Stevens’ Wife Tracy Wilhelmy!

Bradley Kent Stevens, who was born on October 22, 1976, is the president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics. He used to be a basketball coach.

He is from Indiana and went to Zionsville Community High School and then DePauw University, a Division III school in a five-square-mile Indiana city. Stevens was nominated three times for Academic All-America while he was at DePauw. He graduated with a degree in economics in 1999.

After a few years, he got back into college basketball as a volunteer for the 2000-01 season with Butler. A year later, he got a job as a full-time assistant coach. Stevens had to quit his well-paying job at a pharmaceutical company in order to even have a shot at becoming a paid assistant coach for a low-level Division I basketball team.

There has never been a better coach in the history of NCAA Division I basketball. Brad Stevens has led Butler to more wins than anyone else in NCAA history in his five years as head coach.

Since the eighth of August in 2003, he has been married to Tracy Wilhelmy. They are parents to two little ones. Read this article to know more.

Meet Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens, Brad Stevens’ Wife

Tracy and Brad have been dating ever since they met in high school. The couple dated for several years before getting married in August 2003.

Know About Brad Stevens' Wife Tracy Wilhelmy!

Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens was born on Oct. 7, 1979, in Rocky River, Ohio. She was a student at Rocky River High School. Later, she went to DePauw University and met Brad there, who eventually became her husband. Tracy was the team captain for this women’s football team.

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She inspired the team to get into the NCAA Division III tournament. Tracy would study conflict studies and political science while playing football. The couple would go on to graduate together in 1999.

Tracy went to the Case Western Reserve University School of Law to get her law degree after she graduated from college. She specialized in contract and labor law. Soon after she got her degree, Tracy started working as an employment lawyer for the law firm Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP.

Brad and Tracy are part of Coaches Vs. Cancer, which is run by the American Cancer Society. Stevens says that the cause really hit home for them when Tracy’s mother died of the disease in June 2004.

Know About Brad Stevens' Wife Tracy Wilhelmy!

Tracy was a part of the board of advisors for the Greater Boston Food Bank. In 2014, she was named to be on the board of trustees for Butler University.

Brad And Tracy Have Two Kids Together

After marrying Brad in 2003, the couple was expecting their first child in 2006. Tracy and Brad welcomed a son Brady. With a new baby in the family, Tracy decided to quit her job as an attorney so she could help support her husband and run the household.

Know About Brad Stevens' Wife Tracy Wilhelmy!

Brad and Tracy finally had their second child, a daughter, in 2009, and they named her Kinsley.

Butler University Has A Special Interest In Tracy And Brad’s Relationship

Strangely, Butler University holds a special place in Tracy and Brad’s relationship. Back in 2000, Brad thought about whether or not to take a volunteer position with the basketball team at Butler University.

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Even though this meant Brad had to leave his stable job at Eli Lily, a pharmaceutical company, Tracy eventually gave him her support because she saw how much he loved basketball. We all know that Brad became one of the best coaches in the NCAA and the modern NBA.


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