Cameron Esposito’s Divorce Which Led Her To Finding Love Again

Cameron Esposito’s Divorce Which Led Her To Finding Love Again With Katy Nishimoto

Cameron Young Anne Anastasia Esposito is an American actor, comedian, and podcaster who was born on October 17, 1981. She is best known for her show Take My Wife, her stand-up comedy, and her podcast, Queery. Esposito spends a lot of time talking about the LGBTQ+ community, feminism, social justice, and the problems that people in marginalized groups face.

Esposito is out as a lesbian, and from 2015 to 2018, she was married to another stand-up comedian, River Butcher. Butcher and Esposito worked together on several projects, such as the stand-up show Put Your Hands Together, the podcast Wham! Bam! Pow!, and the TV show Take My Wife.

On April 29, 2021, Esposito said on Twitter and Instagram that she uses both the “she” and “they” pronouns.

Esposito tweeted on June 8, 2021, that she had married editor Katy Nishimoto a few weeks earlier in a private ceremony with family and friends on Zoom.

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Cameron Esposito Talks About Recovering From Public divorce from River Butcher

Cameron Esposito went through a pretty public forward-facing divorce and then found love again and remarried during the pandemic.

Esposito began her career first by acting as the male lead in her elementary catholic school plays. She has since gone on to create and star in her own tv show plus she’s had roles in mainstream and indie films.

Cameron currently plays the lesbian love interest on ‘A Million Little Things’ on ABC. She recently wrote her first book called save yourself which became an instant bestseller which tells her story of growing up queer and gender non-conforming in a deeply devout catholic community as a deeply devout catholic person.

Her podcast ‘Queery’ hosts LGBTQ luminaries and has inadvertently become a beloved archive of sorts for the queer community and their stories.

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Cameron mentioned when she went to college she noticed many people are experimenting with various freedoms and she too was dating a woman for the first time secretly. But then she also was going to daily mass, she was a eucharistic minister and she even lived in Rome for a while.

She grew up a deeply devout person and believed in the Idea that peace and joy are at hand and connecting with each other

Her divorce from River butcher which was very much in public view left her heartbroken. This is when she really committed hard to comedy because she felt comedy to be really spiritual for her.

“I feel really connected to the audience members and I feel like I’m speaking about truth and I’m also listening so it’s like yeah the same stuff that I was interested in I just found it elsewhere”, Cameron says.

It was during the pandemic that she was going through like a pretty brutal divorce and the loneliness and sense of bottoming out made her feel connected to the audience.

And that is when she met her future partner, Katy Nishimoto, read on to find more.

Cameron Esposito And Katy Nishimoto Got Married

Cameron and Katy met first in 2019 and soon started dating. They got married in June 2019.

Cameron Esposito's Divorce Which Led Her To Finding Love Again With Katy Nishimoto

The adorable couple appears to be going stronger than ever, as evidenced by their affectionate messages to one another and romantic photographs of themselves.

After working at WME for ten years as an agent, Katy Nishimoto joined The Dial Press as a Senior Editor in 2019. Her work has a goal: to give a voice to people who have been underrepresented in literature for a long time.

At Dial, she is looking for stories that make her feel happy and curious about how we try to fit in with our bodies, families, relationships, communities, and the rest of the world. She is especially interested in stories by LGBTQ+ writers.

Cameron Esposito with her wife, Katy Nishimoto.

Katy is on the board of Baldwin for the Arts. This is a non-profit organization started by Jacqueline Woodson that helps BIPOC artists get fellowships to live in places where they can work. She lives with her husband and dog in Los Angeles.


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