Everything You Need To Know About Constance Wu’s Boyfriend Ryan Kattner

Everything You Need To Know About Constance Wu's Boyfriend Ryan Kattner

Constance Wu’s first child, a girl, was born in 2020, her rep told PEOPLE.

Wu usually keeps her personal life quiet, so she hadn’t said before that she was expecting a child. At the time, E! News was the first to report the birth, adding that Wu and her boyfriend, Ryan Kattner, had a daughter.

Everything You Need To Know About Constance Wu's Boyfriend Ryan Kattner

The baby girl was Wu and Kattner’s first child together. Kattner is in the rock band Man Man and goes by the stage name Honus Honus.

Here’s everything you need to know about Constance Wu’s long-term boyfriend Ryan Kattner.

Know More About Constance Wu’s Boyfriend Ryan Kattner

Ryan Kattner, a music composer, and screenwriter is dating Constance Wu. The musician goes by the stage name Honus Honus and fronts the rock band named Man Man.

Ryan’s experimental rock band started in Philadelphia but is now based in Los Angeles. Ryan is the band’s lead singer, main songwriter, and main lyricist.

Moreover, the band also consists of an energetic group of musicians and vocalists. The band plays Moog Little Phatty, clavinet, trumpet, French horn, sousaphone, saxophone flute, and a lot of other instruments.

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Some of the band’s most popular studio albums are The Man in a Blue Turban With a Face (2004), Six Demon Bag (2006), Rabbit Habits (2008), Life Fantastic (2011), etc.

Everything You Need To Know About Constance Wu's Boyfriend Ryan Kattner

At the end of 2015, Man Man took a break that no one expected, and Honus used this time to try new things with his art. He was in charge of the music and wrote the scores for movies like “The Exorcist,” “Superdeluxe,” and “Do You Want to See a Dead Body?”

He played roles in the independent film Woe (“I played a park ranger, a nice guy in a sad movie. “), the short musical film So It Goes with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and the award-winning tour documentary Use Your Delusion, in which he was the main actor.

Ryan also created an animated series, wrote film scripts, a graphic novel, a neo-noir TV pilot, and a short music column for The Talkhouse, all while working on new music like an unreleased kids’ record, another Mister Heavenly album, a self-released Honus Honus record, and a conceptual art/noise project called Mega Naturals. Every day, he slept for 2.5 hours.

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Wu Faced Backlash For Dating Non-Asian Men

In 2018, Wu talked about the criticism she’s gotten for dating men who are not Asian.

Everything You Need To Know About Constance Wu's Boyfriend Ryan Kattner

Wu told StyleCaster, “Hate and criticism in any form don’t make me feel good.” “But I do think people should be able to say things that hurt other people and start conversations about more important things (is a good thing).

Unfortunately, sometimes those conversations are directed at me, but I’m very sure of the choices I make and why I make them, so if it helps someone else figure out what matters to them or how they feel about themselves, I’m all for it. Because I’m OK.”


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