Who Is Diego Boneta Girlfriend? Complete Details!

Who Is Diego Boneta Girlfriend? Complete Details!

Diego Boneta has been known for a long time, and now he is in charge of the Netflix Original Luis Miguel. Well, no one ever said that Boneta didn’t have talent. The first time we heard it was in 2011 when Boneta sang and acted in the rock musical movie Rock Of Ages. Since then, the same actors and actresses have moved on to work on Netflix Mexican Original. Even though he is talented, gossip and rumors have followed him in every show or movie he has done. Talking about the same thing, here we look at Diego Boneta’s current girlfriend and his past relationships.

There have been rumors about Diego Boneta‘s love life since 2006. From there, he got a role in a very popular movie that got him together with a co-star. Plus, it really scared someone else. Up until he got the part of the legendary Luis Miguel himself, where he fell in love for the second time. There were a few names, but recently Diego Boneta posted a picture of himself with an unknown woman on Instagram. You might or might not know her, and she might or might not be with him. Who’s there? Let’s find out.

Who Is Diego Boneta Girlfriend?

Diego Boneta is seeing a woman named Renata Notni. He recently told an Instagram official that he is dating an actress and model from Mexico. To people who might not know much about Renata Notni. The last show she was in was the Mexican show My Adorable Malady. Notni has been acting since she was 10 years old when she was in the show, Código Postal. After a few shows in Mexico, she went to the Stella Adler Acting Studio to learn how to act. Before she got her first lead role on the show Amor de barrio, she did those things.

Who Is Diego Boneta Girlfriend? Complete Details!

Diego Boneta and Renata Notni have been linked to each other since January of 2021. First, there had already been claims and guesses. Second, the couple was caught at the airport in Mexico City, and they even went to the same shows. Especially when they went to Punta Mita, Nayarit, even though they weren’t together. Slowly but surely, the public found out about their relationship.

Macarena Achaga from the show with Diego Boneta In June of 2021, Luis Miguel put up a picture on Instagram. The post showed Diego Boneta and his new girlfriend, Renata Notni, holding hands. On the other hand, the caption was about how to love your people and get ready for Hollywood. Even Renata Notni posted a photo with the group after that. The fact that they held hands could have been the first sign that they were going out.

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Anyway, let’s jump to now. On September 25, 2021, Diego Boneta posted a picture of himself and his new girlfriend, Renata Notni, on Instagram to confirm that they were dating. In the picture, they are standing close to each other and watching air balloons fly around them. Diego wrote “Kismet,” which means “destiny,” in the caption.

Diego Boneta Past Relationships

Before he met his girlfriend, Renata Notni, Diego Boneta was said to be seeing his co-star, Camila Sodi. In the Netflix Original Luis Miguel, they are both on-screen at the same time. Boneta played the main character, and Sodi played her friend Erica. They never told anyone in the public that they were dating or talked about it. But there were times when fans thought there might be something. Let it be a video of the two of them kissing or Camilla calling him her ex. Today, they seem to have little in common besides the fact that they are both actors. Camilla, on the other hand, is seeing Iván Sánchez.

Who Is Diego Boneta Girlfriend? Complete Details!

So there was a strong rumor that Diego Boneta was going out with Camila Sodi. Putting her story aside, there were rumors in 2011 that Diego Boneta was dating Hollywood star, Julianne Hough. Because of how well they worked together in the rock musical Rock of the Ages. Hough never said there wasn’t a connection. At the time, it was said that her boyfriend at the time, Ryan Seacrest, wasn’t too happy with what was going on. Reportedly, he didn’t like the kissing scene very much, and he likes to pretend that his girlfriend isn’t kissing anyone else, even when it’s her job.

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Before there were rumors about Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta was with Angelique Boyer from 2006 to 2010. Diego Boneta dated Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera for four years from 2013 to 2017. You may remember her from shows like Eastbound & Down, Capadocia, and Goliath. There have also been rumors that Boneta likes Michelle Salas, who is Luis Miguel’s daughter. In 2018, it was also said that Diego Boneta was dating Vanessa Claudio, a Puerto Rican beauty queen who was competing in a beauty pageant.

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