Who Is Erika Jayne’s Boyfriend? Complete Info!

Who Is Erika Jayne's Boyfriend? Complete Info!

Erika Girardi, who plays Erika Jayne on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, seems to be at the center of every new scandal. Erika is often at the center of attention, whether it’s because of her long-running fights with her friend-turned-enemy Garcelle Beauvais or her legal battles with her ex-husband Tom Girardi. Fans are interested in what’s going on in her love life right now.

Erika has been looking for a new love since 2021. Has she at last met someone? Here’s what we know about Erika’s boyfriend.

Who Is Erika Jayne’s Boyfriend?

On October 25, 2021, TMZ reported that Erika was back on the market, just one year after she and her ex-husband, the lawyer Tom, broke up. Erika and Tom, who are 32 years apart in age, got married in 1999. This means that the “Painkiller” singer hasn’t been single in almost 21 years! Still, she’s making a big splash in the dating world, and she’s been seen out with several different men.

Fans were shocked on April 16, 2022, when she posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing her “boyfriend’s shirt.” The photo of Erika lounging in an oversized white-collared shirt got a lot of comments right away from fans who wanted to know who she was with.

However, in a follow-up post on April 17, 2022, Erika showed off another snap of herself wearing pink lingerie and hugging an oversized, equally pink teddy bear. She wrote “Boyfriend” in the photo’s caption, which made her RHOBH co-stars comment again quickly. Lisa Rinna wrote, “He’s cute,” and Dorit Kemsley said the same thing, but added a pink heart emoji.

Since then, Erika hasn’t said anything else about her love life, but earlier this month, when a Twitter user asked her who she was dating, she said, “No one.”

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Erika told People Magazine earlier in 2022 that she was “not doing the older thing anymore.” This meant that she wasn’t going to date any more older men. She said, “I’m 50 years old, so maybe someone my age, but I don’t do it anymore. I love smart men, and I like people who are sure of themselves. And I want to enjoy myself. I would really like to have a nice conversation. I’m still married legally, so I’m in a very strange place.”

People say that Tom and Erika met for the first time at Chasen’s restaurant in Los Angeles in the late 1990s. Erika was a cocktail waitress, and Tom was a regular customer. After dating for six months, Tom asked her to marry him. They got married in 1999 at the same restaurant where they first met. During their divorce, Erika was accused of fraud, but the charges against her were dropped in the end.

She may be single right now, but Erika’s next boyfriend maybe someone she wants to keep.

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What Is Erika Jayne’s Net Worth?

Erika Jayne is an American singer, actor, and reality TV star with a $5 million net worth. Erika Jayne has had some success as a dance/club music singer, but she is probably best known for being on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on Bravo.

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