Ex-Detective Pleads Guilty In Breonna Taylor Case!

Ex-Detective Pleads Guilty In Breonna Taylor Case!

Breonna Taylor was hurt by police violence, which started the Black Lives Matter movement all over again and showed how many people still face racism. Taylor was an African-American emergency room worker who was 26 years old.

He was shot and killed early on March 13,2020 in Louisville. She and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker were sleeping when the police came to their apartment early that morning and banged loudly on the door.

After the two people got into a heated argument, Kenneth Walker was the first to pull out his gun and hit one of the officers. Because of this, the police later shot at Taylor and hit her at least 8 times.

Why Police Banged Loudly At Their Door?

The police’s initial investigation was supposed to be a drug bust, but it resulted in Taylor’s demise. Police were looking into two men they thought were dealing drugs out of a house 10 miles from Taylor’s apartment. There were numerous reports of the primary suspect meeting Taylor at her apartment, which led to the assumption that she was working with him.

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Jamarcus Glover was her ex-boyfriend, which was discovered to be the reason for their frequent meetings only later. Although not directly related to the investigation, a judge gave the police a no-knock warrant so they could search Miss Taylor’s apartment because they thought it might be used to store the drugs. Although no drugs were found in her apartment, a no-knock warrant was issued in order to prevent them from having time to cover up any potential prohibited items that might have been found.

Who Were Charged In This Case?

No officer has ever been charged with shooting Ms. Taylor, but on August 4, the Justice Department charged four current and former officers with federal civil rights violations, including lying to get a search warrant for her apartment.

Ex-Detective Pleads Guilty In Breonna Taylor Case!

One of the four, Kelly Goodlett, a detective who was charged and then retired, pleaded guilty at a hearing on Aug. 23,2022. Kyle Meany, one of the four officers, was fired by the Louisville Police Department on Aug. 19.

Brett Hankison is the only officer facing state charges in the raid. He is one of the three officers who are facing federal charges. He was charged with wanton endangerment of neighbors because he shot into Ms. Taylor’s apartment without a clear line of sight. One of the neighbor’s apartments was hit. He pleaded not guilty and was acquitted.

Ex-Detective Pleaded Guilty On 23 August, 2022

On Tuesday, a former police detective admitted that she had lied to a judge to get permission to raid Breonna Taylor’s apartment in Louisville, Kentucky. This led to the nighttime operation in which the police killed Ms. Taylor by shooting her.

Ex-Detective Pleads Guilty In Breonna Taylor Case!

Kelly Goodlett, a former detective, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy in federal court. She said that she and another officer had lied on a search warrant application and then lied to cover it up. By pleading guilty, Ms. Goodlett became the first police officer to be convicted for the raid in March 2020. During the raid, the police were looking for proof that Ms. Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover was selling drugs.

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Ms. Goodlett, 35, said in a courtroom in downtown Louisville that she knew there wasn’t enough evidence to approve the warrant, but she didn’t say anything when a fellow detective wrote falsely that the police knew Mr. Glover was getting packages at Ms. Taylor’s house.

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