FDA Warns NyQuil Chicken TikTok Trend Is Dangerous! Here’s What You Should Know

FDA Warns NyQuil Chicken TikTok Trend Is Dangerous! Here's What You Should Know

The FDA Says That Cooking Chicken In NyQuil Is Dangerous, CItes A TikTok Video

Ah, the wild west that is TikTok. Never fails to amuse us with its absurdities, does it? With its bunch of creators ranging from those with the know-how to those who can be considered downright clueless, there’s never any dearth of content to cater to our every mood.

And then there are food vloggers who would go to any extent to show us something unique – whether the stuff they show is edible or not, that’s a separate story. One of the fads making waves over TikTok recently was when people took a meme seriously and turned it into a challenge on the platform.

Read on to know more about the viral TikTok NyQuil Chicken trend.

What Is The NyQuil Chicken TikTok Trend?

Well, first things first, the NyQuil chicken meme is nothing new. According to Know Your Meme, the joke caught on in 2017 when people saw a post on Chan in which a user talked about making “sleepy chicken” or “bedtime chicken” by marinating it with NyQuil.

FDA Warns NyQuil Chicken TikTok Trend Is Dangerous! Here's What You Should Know

As soon as the post made it to Twitter, many people started talking about it. One user named @trjstn even posted a picture of the chicken with the caption, “If she makes you NyQuil chicken, don’t let her go.”

Even though it stopped being popular in 2017, a YouTuber with the name D1GS1TE posted a video of him and his friends trying out the recipe in 2019. Without a doubt, it turned out badly. Later, people started to use TikTok more, and the trend is back in 2022.

People did the challenge on TikTok and left videos of them flipping chicken cutlets with steaming NyQuil coming off the pan. The FDA said that boiling or cooking the drug changes its properties, which is part of the reason why the challenge is so dangerous.

“You’re going to cook yourself into the hospital,” one person said in a comment on a video of the trend. Others have made fun of the idea of even trying such a recipe.

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FDA issues a Warning Advising Consumers That Cooking Chicken In NyQuil Is Dangerous

The Food and Drug Administration has told people in a new notice that it is dangerous to cook chicken in NyQuil.

The warning is part of a larger FDA update released Thursday about “social media challenges.” It is about a video posted at least a year ago in which a TikTok user fries two chicken breasts in the cold and flu medicine. The user flips the meat with a flatiron hair straightener in the video, which went viral but seems to have been taken down.

FDA Warns NyQuil Chicken TikTok Trend Is Dangerous! Here's What You Should Know

“The challenge sounds stupid and gross, and that’s because it is. It could be very dangerous, though. Boiling a medicine can make it much stronger and change the way it works in other ways “said the FDA.

The word “challenge” isn’t used in the TikTok video, and it’s not clear how many people have tried to cook chicken in NyQuil.

Tuesday, Twitter was all about NyQuil because of what the FDA said.

Even if people don’t eat the chicken, the FDA said, cooking it in the over-the-counter medicine could make them breathe in a lot of the vapors from the drug.

“Your lungs could also get hurt. Simply put, someone could take too much of the cough and cold medicine and not even know it “said the FDA.


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