Who Is Gabbie Hanna’s Boyfriend? Fans Worried About Gabbie’s Over 100 Strange TikTok Videos

Who Is Gabbie Hanna's Boyfriend? Fans Worried About Gabbie's Over 100 Strange TikTok Videos

Gabbie Hanna, who is 30 years old, is known for starting an internet drama with a lot of influencers. She has more than five million subscribers, and her storytime and collaboration videos are her most popular ones. The 31-year-old Internet star started posting videos online in 2013.

Hanna’s first song, “Out Loud,” came out in 2017, the same year her first book of poetry, “Adultolescence,” came out. Dandelion was her second book, which came out in 2020. Both books went on to be big hits on the New York Times.

Controversial Gabbie Hanna, a YouTuber, said on the first episode of her new confession series, which came out on June 23rd, that she is now single.

Who Is Gabbie Hanna's Boyfriend? Fans Worried About Gabbie's Over 100 Strange TikTok Videos

Recently, fans of social media star Gabbie Hanna are worried about the influencer’s mental health after she posted 100 videos to her TikTok account in a single day. They were upset by the large number of clips, and some of them showed what looked like lipstick written in red on her mirror.

Also, it seemed like a lot of the clips were about religion.

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Gabbie Posts More Than 100 Videos On TikTok

Gabbie started posting videos on Tuesday, August 23, when she posted a clip in which she said she was going to “save the world.” She posted a lot more videos in which she talked about religion, God, the universe, Jesus, the Bible, children dying, and other deep topics.

“What if I were to be the mother of God? “What if I had to tell the good news about the second coming?” she said in one strange video.

Who Is Gabbie Hanna's Boyfriend? Fans Worried About Gabbie's Over 100 Strange TikTok Videos

Another person heard her shouting that she can’t sleep because babies are “dying on the street” and that everyone needs to “wake up.”

In one video, she taught everyone how to pray and see things from God’s point of view. In other, more chaotic videos, she danced and yelled about a lot of different things. A few hours later, she came back and said, “Good morning, everyone. I’m just trying to get everyone to care about him starting babies on the street.”

She also talked about being raised as a Catholic, being scared of ghosts, and whether or not words actually mean anything. At one point, she said she was the angel Gabriel and wrote in lipstick on the mirror, “The greatest love of all time.”

After the strange TikTok videos came out, a lot of Gabbie’s fans went on Twitter to tell how worried they were about her.

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Gabbie Hanna Previously Dated Payton Saxon

Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon may have started dating in August 2019, but they didn’t make it “official” on Instagram until September 2019.

Payton has been in a few of Gabbie’s videos and one of her music videos.

Gabbie told her fans that she and her long-time boyfriend, Payton Saxon, have broken up in the first episode of her new series, “Confessions of a Washed-Up YouTube Hasbeen.”


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