Why Did Gary Owen Divorce His Wife Kenya Duke? Complete Details

Why Did Gary Owen Divorce His Wife Kenya Duke? Complete Details

Gary Owen, an American comedian, and actor has had a lot of success in his comedy career. Owen’s big break came in 1997 when he was on BET’s Comic View. Since then, he’s had a great career on stage and on screen.

The actor got parts in movies like “Daddy Day Care,” “Little Man,” and “Think Like a Man.” Gary was also doing well in his personal life, in addition to being successful at work.

Why Did Gary Owen Divorce His Wife Kenya Duke? Complete Details

In 2003, the comedian got married to Kenya Burke. Last year, it was reported that Gary Owen’s wife, Kenya Duke, had asked for a divorce after almost 18 years of marriage. Even though divorces can be messy, these two took it to a whole new level.

After the news of the divorce got out, she said he was cheating on her, and now Gary is telling what happened from his point of view.

Gary Owen Talks About His Divorce From Kenya Duke And Explains Why He Filed For Divorce First

Gary told “The Breakfast Club” that he was the one who left Kenya, not the other way around, when he was on the show. He said that he had filed for divorce first, but that no one knew about the breakup until she did the same.

“I left, I filed first, I made the phone call saying I don’t want to be married. When everything came out, I just stayed quiet, but this whole narrative was ‘I got caught out there, she left me.’ That’s not what happened,” he said.

Why Did Gary Owen Divorce His Wife Kenya Duke? Complete Details

Gary, also said that he doesn’t get along with his family. The 48-year-old actor said that he hasn’t talked to his kids in a year because he and his estranged wife, Kenya Duke, are getting a divorce. He then said:

“I’ve done everything. I’ve gone to Greensborough because my daughter is at A&T, knocked on her door, she wouldn’t answer. Tried to see her at the airport. I’m blocked on social media. I’ve gone through every outlet to try and get in touch with my daughter. I reach out, then I’m blocked.”

Owen also said that his children learned about his divorce not from their parents but from the news and social media:

“We didn’t tell the kids. We were gonna wait and do it together but TMZ- that’s how they found out.”

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Gary Owen Talks About Why, After 23 Years Of Marriage, He Filed For A Divorce

When asked why he filed for divorce, he said it was because he was unhappy, even though there were rumors he was cheating.

Gary said, “No good marriage has ever broken up because of cheating.”

Gary said that they had tried a few times over the years to make it work. They had been together for 23 years, but he had left a few times without anyone knowing about it. But he says he was just sad the last time.

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“There are lots of reasons to get in, but at the end of the day, you’re not happy. Then you sit here and stay in it for the kids, and you think, “Man, I’m miserable.” And it’s strange that you feel like you’re being selfish by choosing your own happiness.”

Gary says in the interview that Kenya was wrong when she said that he didn’t care about their kids.

“I was there, I was there,” he said. I like being a dad. When my kids were younger, they never took the bus. If I’m home, I take them to and pick them up from school. If I’m not, she does it. I didn’t miss anything, and I didn’t even miss a birthday.”

Why Did Gary Owen Divorce His Wife Kenya Duke? Complete Details

Gary kept saying that he can’t be a deadbeat dad because all of their kids are now grown up. But he says that since he left their mother about a year and a half ago, he hasn’t talked to their children.

Gary Owen said that even though there wasn’t one big thing that caused their marriage to end, the couple got a divorce because their marriage had run its course.


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