Gil Hodges Death – Complete Information!

Gil Hodges Death - Complete Information!

Gil Hodges, a popular first baseman for the old Brooklyn Dodgers who later helped the New York Mets win a surprising baseball championship, died of a heart attack  after playing 27 holes of golf.

Hodges, who would have turned 48 , passed out while walking to his room at the Palm Beach Lakes Ramada Inn. He was rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital, but 20 minutes after he got there, he was pronounced dead.

The Mets’ manager played with the Dodgers for 15 seasons and with the Mets for parts of two more. He had a mild heart attack near the end of the 1968 season, but he came back the next year and led the “Miracle Mets” to the National League pennant and a World Series win over Baltimore.

Gil Hodges Death - Complete Information!

Because of the player strike, the team’s scheduled exhibition game with the Montreal Expos was canceled, so he played golf instead.

Joe Pignatano, Eddie Yost, and Rube Walker, three Met coaches who played with him, said that he felt so good that he wanted to play 27 holes instead of 18.

As they went back to their rooms at the motel, Pignatano asked Gillie, “What time should we meet for dinner?”

Hodges looked back and said, “It’s 7:30.” Then he fell backward and stopped moving. While Pignatano and Walker ran to help Hodges, Yost ran to a phone and called the police, a fire truck, and an ambulance. All of them got there within three minutes. A police officer was the first to arrive and worked on him for about a minute before the ambulance got there.

Dr. James Smith, an obstetrician who happened to be at the hospital, treated the sick manager by putting a tube down his throat and a needle in his heart.

Gil Hodges Death - Complete Information!

But a cardiogram showed that Hodges’s heart was completely stopped, and his pupils were very big. At 5:45 p.m., Dr. William Donovan, a local doctor who was called by Jack Sanford, a former Philadelphia pitcher who is now the pro at the Palm Beach Lakes course, said that he was dead.

The word quickly got around that Hodges had died. The hospital got a lot of phone calls, and soon after, baseball officials from the area and executives from the Mets showed up.

Hodges’s wife, Joan, was home in Brooklyn. Gil Jr. plays for the Mets’ minor league team. Irene, Cynthia, and Barbara, her three daughters, also live on.

A spokesman for the Mets said that Hodges’ body would be brought back to New York on the charter flight that will bring officials and a few Mets and Yankees players to the city tomorrow.

The Torregrossa family is taking care of funeral arrangements.

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A parish priest in Brooklyn, New York, told his congregation on a hot Sunday in May 1953, “It’s too hot for a sermon. Keep the Ten Commandments and say a prayer for Gil Hodges.” Gilbert Ray Hodges, the first baseman and power hitter for the Brooklyn Dodgers, was in a tough hitting slump that day. But by the end of the season, he had hit 302, had driven in 122 runs, and hit 31 home runs.

He had also played in the All-Star Game and the World Series. He had won the hearts of the public in a way that is rarely seen in baseball today.

In 1969, though, Hodges became even more famous when he led the New York Mets to their first pennant in their eight-year history and a World Series win over the powerful Baltimore Orioles. The fact that Hodges was able to do this with a team that was one of the funniest in baseball history just a few seasons before is a testament to his skills as a player and manager.

Gil Hodges Death - Complete Information!

Different Kind of Athlete He was 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighed 210 pounds, and had a body like a brute. He was the rare type of professional athlete who was a gentle giant in private but a killer in a game.

He played first base in the major leagues for 16 years and was one of the best and most feared hitters during that time. He joined the Dodgers in 1947 and played 2,006 games with them before joining the New York Mets for 65 games. He hit 273 and drove in 1,274 runs. He also hit 370 home runs, 14 of which were with the bases full.

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He also played in seven World Series and six All-Star Games. After that, he managed the Washington Senators and the New York Mets.

But even though he was good with the game’s tools, Gil Hodges was best known as the “nice guy” who won. He was the hero of Flatbush, a devoted family man, and a good Marine. People would pray for him.

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