Gulf Breeze UFO Incident Investigation Revelations – Real Or Hoax!

Gulf Breeze UFO Incident Investigation Revelations - Real Or Hoax!

Gulf Breeze, a small city on Florida’s northwest coast, with 6,000 residents at the time of the UFO encounters in 1987. It’s located next to a military base. The mysterious structures that resemble flying saucers appear to be surrounded by the unusual lighting lights.

The city of Gulf Breeze, Florida, has had an enormous increase in UFO sightings since November 1987. Ed Walters, a resident of Gulf Breeze, first observed an unusual light in the sky outside his home on the evening of November 11. This is when the sightings first started. He stepped outside to get a better look, and when he did, he saw a big, bright thing hovering a few hundred feet away. It didn’t make any noise. he succeeded in taking five pictures with his Polaroid camera. Other people started reporting seeing a similar object in the night sky after the photos were made public.

There Were Multiple Witnesses To The Gulf Breeze UFO

More than eighty sightings of unexplained objects in the skies over Gulf Breeze have been reported by more than one hundred people.

Other people started reporting seeing a similar object in the night sky after the photos were made public. Ed showed the pictures to Duane Cook, editor of the Gulf Breeze Sentinel, five days after his incident. Duane wasn’t sure whether to publish the pictures since he thought the topic wasn’t appropriate for the newspaper. But he showed his parents the pictures when they came to visit. They had observed the exact same object a few days prior, so they were surprised.

Over a six-month period, 135 individuals reported 80 distinct sightings:

  • The object was “medium-large,” roughly the size of an airliner, according to pathologist Fenner McConnell.
  • The object, according to Doris Somerby, had a “porthole” with light emanating from it.
  • It was motionless and moving at a speed of roughly five miles per hour, according to Scott Zepp.
  • Brenda Pollak, a member of the city council, saw a bright yellow-orange light in the distance.
  • As per Jeffrey Thompson, the object shot straight into the air before remaining motionless for almost a minute at an angle.

Numerous people developed distrust because of the quality. Ed, along with the other witnesses, asserted that the images and his observations were authentic.

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The Sentinel got two unidentified pictures of the object on December 3. The newspaper obtained more images on December 23. This time, there were multiple objects visible in the images. Ed apparently took additional pictures of various objects on the same day as those ones. He recorded the items on VHS on December 28. On December 2, he captured an item with a light beam emanating from it and striking the ground in another picture. Another five witnesses also saw the light.

The day of Ed’s closest encounter was January 12, 1988. About five miles from his house, he was traveling down a deserted road when he saw a brilliant light. He drove off the road to avoid the light because it was so bright. The object, which was in front of his truck and near to the road, was captured once more on camera.

Gulf Breeze UFO Incident Investigation Revelations - Real Or Hoax!

In Gulf Breeze, the last sighting was reported in July 1988. Many people do, however, ponder why the UFOs are even visiting the region in the first place. Some think it has something to do with the military airbase nearby. The sightings haven’t been satisfactorily explained as of yet.

What Did The Gulf Breeze UFO Sighting Investigation Reveal?

After looking at the pictures, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Robert Nathan said, “Many of these shots are double exposure photographs.” The surrounding structures appear to be “fuzzier” or “more sharply focussed” than the craft itself. Additionally, Nathan remarked that he received the “impression that there is some kind of cut and paste on some surface.”  Walters claimed that during regressive hypnosis, he learned that he had been “abducted by aliens on multiple times.” Dan Overlaid, a clinical psychologist, also examined Walters and put him through an intelligence and personality test before concluding, “He’s as normal as the rest of us.” 

A “military base of mind-boggling size,” the Eglin Air Force Base is situated directly east of Gulf Breeze. No odd activity or “weird radar blips” have been seen at the base, according to the director of public affairs. They are neither “on the trail of the spacecraft” or “covertly researching the Gulf Breeze occurrences.” Klass said, “If one photo is a fake, then they all must be thrown out.”

Gulf Breeze UFO Incident Investigation Revelations - Real Or Hoax!

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Was The Gulf Breeze UFO Incident A Hoax?

The photos were considered to be fake by the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), an organization established by astronomer and ufologist J. Allen Hynek, because of the uneven spacing of the windows on the craft, a “waviness in the photos suggesting they were taken near or reflected off, water,” and other flaws.  

The Walters sightings were a hoax. When he sold his house, the new owners found a model of a UFO that was the same as the ones in Walters’ photos. In 2006, Craig Myers published the book “WAR OF THE WORDS.” Myers was a WEAR TV reporter who wrote about the UFO sightings. 

Myers said of Walters, “He’s a very smart man, almost a genius. He likes to play jokes on people and get attention. He started this as a joke, but then got carried away, and it took on a life of its own.”

When the hoax got too big for Walters to back out, Myers says, “He’d be better off being known as the guy who saw and photographed UFOs than as the guy who fooled a whole city into believing him.”


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