Know About Ilana Glazer’s Husband David Rookiln!

Know About Ilana Glazer's Husband David Rookiln!

Ilana Glazer is an American actress and comedian who became famous as one of the creators and stars of the Comedy Central show “Broad City.” Ilana Glazer grew up in New York and went to Smithtown High School before she started studying psychology at New York University. She started going to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in 2006, and since then she has been in a number of plays in and around New York. She first appeared on TV in the 2010 series “Acting Reel Master Database.”

She started filming for “Broad City” with her co-showrunner and co-star, Abbi Jacobson, a year before that. The first episode of “Broad City” came out in January 2014, and the last one aired in March 2019. The show was a critical and commercial success, and she was nominated for two Critics’ Choice Television Awards.

How to Follow Strangers, which came out in 2013, was Glazer’s first movie. She was also an executive producer on the companion web series “Hack Into Broad City” and the TV miniseries “Time Traveling Bong” in addition to “Broad City.”

We’re here to tell you about Ilana’s personal life, not just her work. Keep reading to find out more.

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Who Is Ilana’s Husband, David Rooklin?

Ilana Glazer, an actress, and comedian, and David Rooklin, a scientist and her husband, have always had a connection with each other, ever since the first time, they laid eyes on each other. And despite the fact that the couple has very different professional lives, Rooklin has always been supportive of his superstar wife in her stand-up comedy and acting aspirations during the course of their nine years of marriage.

Know About Ilana Glazer's Husband David Rookiln!

They got married in a private ceremony at City Hall on February 25, 2017.

How Ilana Met Her Husband

According to the parade, Glazer has been on many adventures in New York City, just like her Broad City character, so it makes sense that she met Rooklin in Washington Square Park. “I met him after FX passed on [Broad City] and before Comedy Central picked it up,” Glazer told Ripa in June 2017. “We just made eyes and it was like, ‘Damn.'”

Know About Ilana Glazer's Husband David Rookiln!

She went on, “It kind of came together quickly. Even though everything was already there… It was a mess. It was pretty laid-back and cool.”

What Is The Occupation Of Ilana Glazer’s Spouse?

Rooklin is a scientist, and Glazer has called him a “hot scientist.” According to his LinkedIn profile, he has a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Oberlin College and a Ph.D. in computational biology from NYU. In 2017, he helped start the company Redesign Science. “Redesign Science develops and applies a molecular dynamics-driven platform for in silico drug discovery against emerging drug target classes,” his bio says. We work with Biotech and Pharma to develop new small molecule therapeutics together.”

Glazer told Ripa in 2017 that since Rooklin works in science, he doesn’t know anything about comedy.

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Do Ilana And David Have Kids?

Well…..the answer is yes! Glazer and Rooklin had a baby girl, their first child, in 2021. In July, the actress gave the world its first look at their baby by posting a picture of herself breastfeeding on Instagram and writing, “Been breastfeeding in compression socks for the past three weeks, hbu? ”

A week before the big announcement, Rooklin posted a drawing of a mother and baby on social media and called it “quick sketch of new mom.”

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