‘Ink Master’ Season 14 Trailer Released!

'Ink Master' Season 14 Trailer Released!

Tattoo artists compete in a variety of challenges on the reality television show ‘Ink Master’ to demonstrate their talents. The competitors are eliminated each week until only one remains, who then takes home a $100,000 big prize ( but this year the amount is raised to $250,000 ), an article in Inked magazine, and the title “Ink Master”.

Because they wanted to concentrate on making other material, Paramount Network discontinued the program last year. However, the series has been scooped up by streaming juggernaut Paramount+, which intends to continue airing it on its service.

Three spinoffs of the show—Ink Master: Redemption, Ink Master: Angels, and Ink Master: Grudge Match—have been produced, although it’s unknown whether these will also air on Paramount+.

Who Will Host ‘Ink Master’ Season 14?

The new, ten-episode season will be hosted by Joel Madden, lead singer for the pop/punk band Good Charlotte, and co-founder of the record labels Veeps and MDDN. The three new judges will be Ryan Ashley, the first female tattoo artist to win Ink Master (in Season 8), Nikko Hurtado, one of the best color realism artists in the world, and Ami James, a well-known Japanese tattoo specialist and entrepreneur with almost 30 years in this field.

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Former presenter Dave Navarro returns to the show as the “Master of Chaos,” bringing wild twists and competition-changing explosives.

Inside The Trailer

Here you can watch ‘Ink Master’ Season 14 Trailer:

A first-look trailer for the upcoming season, released by Paramount+, features the candidates who are returning from the previous season.

Returning contestants from past seasons of the reality competition show will battle for a $250,000 grand prize and the title of “Ink Master.” The contestants are Angel Rose (Seasons 11, 13,), Bob Jones (Seasons 13, Chris Shockley (Seasons 11, 12, Creepy Jason), Deanna James (Seasons 10, 8), Gian Karle (Seasons 13), Holli Marie (Seasons 12), Katie McGowan (Seasons 6, 9), and Pon (Season 12).

‘Ink Master’ Season 13 Recap

Season 13 was aired in January 2020. 10 of the best tattoo artists in the country come to New York City to compete for $100,000 and the title of “INK MASTER.” Rock legend Dave Navarro organizes the event, and tattoo icons Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck make the final decision. With “Living Canvasses” giving their skin to be forever set apart, the stakes couldn’t be higher in this high-stakes competition.

'Ink Master' Season 14 Trailer Released!

The Season 13’s finale was cancelled due to widespread of Coronavirus.

In an Instagram post, Paramount Network said that the Season 13 finale had been cancelled and that each of the three finalists, Bob Jones, Angel Rose, and Jimmy Snaz, would get a cash prize.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and government orders to stay home, the Ink Master: Turf War finale cannot go on for the safety of the artists, judges, canvases, and crew,” the network said.

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“Ink Master is proud of the three talented artists who made it to the top. Since we can’t choose an Ink Master, each of the finalists will win money .”

“Join us right here as the finalists in #InkMaster: Turf War show off and talk about their master canvas tattoos. It will be a party to honor their hard work and an amazing season.” it says in the caption.

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