Instagram Stories repeating? Instagram working to fix repeating stories bug

Instagram Stories repeating? Instagram working to fix repeating stories bug

Instagram Stories keep replaying themselves, giving users a bad case of déjà vu. In most cases, when users publish a new Story, their friends watch the photo or video before moving on to the next person’s Story or exiting. 

Users are reporting a glitch that causes Instagram to offer them the same Stories every time their friends post a new one. What it means is that for some users, Instagram Stories appears to be acting up, requiring them to re-view all of a user’s stories before being able to see new ones.

 Instagram Stories repeating? Instagram working to fix repeating stories bug

Now, this is resulting in a lot of duplicate content, according to multiple comments on social media today.

Since yesterday, many employees here at FitzoneTV have been afflicted by the problem, and other Reddit users have also reported experiencing the same issue.

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Here’s an illustration of what I mean: Dave, a buddy of mine, has uploaded 17 articles in the last 23 hours and is working on another. I should just see the most recent story when I tap on Dave’s Story icon. However, between this morning and the time I’m writing this, his story reruns the first 17 stories I swiped through.

Users have flocked to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with Instagram Stories looping indefinitely. Carl’s Jr., a fast-food chain, joined the conversation with a photo of its mascot kicking, screaming, and weeping over rewatching everyone’s Stories from the beginning.

The fundamental cause of Instagram Stories playing on repeat, according to an Instagram subreddit, is a bug introduced with a recent upgrade. Because of the glitch, the Instagram app does not remember where users left off in their friends’ Stories, forcing them to start again each time they post new content. Some customers claimed they were able to resolve the issue by deleting and reinstalling the app, while others were unsuccessful.

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Meta is providing new parental control measures for Instagram to manage teens’ time on the platform and preserve their digital well-being at the same time as the Story loop issue. It’s unclear whether the Stories repeating fault is related to the new controls, but it’s clear that something isn’t working properly.

The number of users affected by the Instagram Stories recurring issue is unclear at the time of publication. According to The Verge, Instagram is “aware that some individuals are having problems accessing Instagram Stories” and that a patch should be available soon. Because Instagram hasn’t specified when the fix will be implemented, don’t be shocked if your Instagram Stories continue to replay for a little longer.


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