Is ’90 Days Fiance’ Yara Pregnant Again? Here’s What We Know!

Is '90 Days Fiance' Yara Pregnant Again? Here's What We Know!

From the start of 90 Day season 7, this couple, Yara Zaya and Jovi, looked like they were doomed. Right away, they had disagreements about everything from how much Jovi drinks to whether or not they wanted to have kids in the future.

Online records show that the couple got married in February 2020 in Las Vegas, which was confirmed by In Touch in January 2021. In Touch found out on January 14 that Yara got pregnant with the couple’s first child soon after she moved to the United States. Since then, Jovi and Yara have had their first child together. Even though they had some trouble getting used to being parents, they are still going strong.

There are many speculations about Yara’s pregnancy on the internet. Are they true or just rumors? Let’s find out.

According to sources, Yara Zaya is not pregnant. She has her first delivery in September 2020. Prior to this, she also had a miscarriage. She gave birth to Jovi and her daughter, Mylah. There is no confirmed news of her second pregnancy.

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Yara And Jovi Adores Their Girl

As per the latest Instagram post shared by Jovi Defron, it is very much clear that Dad loves her daughter very much. In the caption of the post, the ’90 Days Fiance’ star wrote, “Loving every moment with this princess. Who is excited to see her tonight??? The countdown is on.” Besides this, there are many pictures of himself with Mylah on his IG account. In another post, he shared two photographs, and stated, “Summer days with my girl ❤️❤️”. His Instagram is stocked with dad and daughter duo photographs.

Yara also loves her daughter. She too frequently shares her little girl’s pics, her latest post with Mylah with the caption, “Me and my little princess enjoy LA 🥰”, is here.

An Insight Into Yara And Jovi’s Relationship

Even though they had a rough start to their relationship, the big question is: Are Jovi and Yara still together? As Yara was getting used to life in the US and their relationship was going through a rough patch, she found out she was pregnant again, after her miscarriage. Yara even went on record to say that she wasn’t sure if she would be able to settle down in the US. She also said that she didn’t know if Jovi wanted to settle down with her or not.

But when Jovi realized that Yara might really leave him, he apologized for his bad behavior and decided to stop doing it for good. The wedding took place in Las Vegas. Friends of Dufren were not sure if this marriage would really last.

Is '90 Days Fiance' Yara Pregnant Again? Here's What We Know!

They had a daughter together. Jovi is a caring father, which made Yara like him more and more. But in one episode of ‘90 Days Fiancé‘, Yara was forced to watch Jon Bon Jovi with a dancer and then failed a lie detector test.

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Jovi also said that Yara liked to be in charge. He said that they haven’t had any time together since they had the baby.

When it comes to their relationship now, the two people seem to have made up for good. At least according to what they’ve posted on social media, Jovi and Yara are still very much in love and together. Jovi just wrote on his blog about how much he wants to travel with Yara again and live their best lives. Recently, Yara mentioned that she wants to marry Jovi again.

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