Is Austen Kroll Dating Olivia flowers? All You Need To Know About Kroll’s Dating History!

Is Austen Kroll Dating Olivia flowers? All You Need To Know About Kroll's Dating History!

As season 8 of Southern Charm airs on Bravo, he and Olivia Flowers are still going strong, despite what the critics and Austen Kroll’s former lovers may think.

“Our situation is favourable”. The 30-year-old confirmed that they aren’t seeing anyone else in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly. “We had an amazing summer together, travelled, and we’re still okay,” she said. “We’re just having a good time. We took a lot of trips this summer. We saw some really cool locations, and travelling together usually helps you get to know people better. And after the cameras departed and the shows ended, we were able to unwind somewhat. We simply sort of got to know one another better and decided whether this was what we wanted. We are undoubtedly involved in one another’s lives today.”

The Bravo rookie clarified that the “beautiful” ring she wore on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen earlier this month was only a “ring from a stylist,” not a diamond, and that “despite how it seems on the show,” she is not in a hurry to get married.

Olivia additionally acknowledged that before they began dating, she heard “earfuls of comments from others” about Austen.

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But she added, “I had hung out with him a few times, and we had always had fun and good times. Therefore, I didn’t really let other people’s perspectives or previous drama impact me in either direction.”
Madison LeCroy, another of Austen’s ex, has interfered with her relationship with Olivia. The hairdresser responded by calling Madison “homely” and “homeless” when Olivia dubbed her “homegirl.”

“In less than a day, I went from being homeless to becoming total trash”. The actress Olivia told Us, calling her co-star “calculated,” “I thought that was impressive.” 

“I don’t think much of her”, she said in conclusion.

Austen Kroll’s Dating History

Chelsea Meissner

Throughout the fourth season of Southern Charm in 2017, the hairstylist briefly dated Kroll. When Kroll seemed to imply there wasn’t a spark between him and Meissner before their breakup in June 2018, people took notice. After a fan complained that he didn’t try hard enough with his former castmate, he responded on Instagram: “I need a woman with s*x desire.”

Victoria Bolyard 

The relationship between Kroll and Meissner’s buddy ended during season 5 of the Bravo show, which aired in 2018. After viewers saw her throwing her drink at him in June of that year, the TV personality alleged that Bolyard was hostile to him off camera.

Meagan LeCroy

The hairstylist and Kroll had an on-again, off-again relationship for two years before LeCroy revealed exclusively to Us in December 2020 that their relationship was over. “At this time, we are not together. He and I are both 100 percent single, she declared at the time. So ladies, you may have him if you want.”

Is Austen Kroll Dating Olivia flowers? All You Need To Know About Kroll's Dating History!

The South Carolina native moved on and became engaged to Brett Randle in October 2021.

Kristin Cavallari

Following sightings of Kroll, Craig Conover, and the Laguna Beach graduate in Nashville in late 2020, there were rumours that the three were dating. In July 2021, Cavallari refuted the relationship, claiming, “I haven’t been in a love triangle since I was in high school. I haven’t been with someone in a while. I’ve known these two men for a year now, and we are friends. There you go.”

Lindsay Hubbard

Kroll and the Summer House star had an affair in 2018, which he later admitted to four years later. The pair have since said that their relationship is platonic, but over the years, their flirtatious dynamic has made many Bravo stars uncomfortable.

Is Austen Kroll Dating Olivia flowers? All You Need To Know About Kroll's Dating History!

Olivia Flowers

While filming season 8 of Southern Charm in December 2021, Kroll and Flowers were first connected. The pair’s developing romance was hinted at in the show’s official trailer, which debuted in May 2022. The following month, the Bravo celebrity gave Us confirmation of his relationship with the photographer.

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Olivia is a great, lovely woman who has joined the cast, so to speak. At the NBCUniversal upfront presentation, Kroll exclusively told Us, “I’m just so happy for people to meet her. She genuinely, in my opinion, restores the charm to our programme.”

“You’ll undoubtedly see how [our romance] starts and ends, he continued. And as I’m trying to figure it out, there are definitely some ebbs and flows.”

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