Is Dawn Staley Married? Is She Dating Lisa Boyer?

Is Dawn Staley Married? Is She Dating Lisa Boyer?

Dawn Staley, an American basketball hall of famer and coach, led the South Carolina Gamecocks to their first-ever NCCA Women’s Basketball National Championship in 2017. She sealed her place in the pantheon of all-time basketball greats with the victory.

There’s no doubt that Dawn Staley is the most successful African-American coach in the history of college basketball. Her South Carolina juggernaut overwhelmed a UConn team that couldn’t keep up in early April 2022, with the Gamecocks winning 64-49. Staley became the first black coach in NCAA Division 1 history to win two tournaments.

Dawn Staley is a pioneer coach in women's basketball
Is Dawn Staley Married? Is She Dating Lisa Boyer?

Staley has transformed South Carolina into a college basketball powerhouse. She’s guided them to 10 NCAA tournament appearances in a row, four Final Four trips, and two national titles. With the win, South Carolina appears to have dethroned UConn as the best women’s basketball program in the country.

Her illustrious career as a coach and player is widely discussed, but what about her relationship status? Is she married? Is she living with her husband? Is she single? Is she a lesbian, as the rumors suggest?

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Is Lisa Boyer Married to Dawn Staley?

According to rumors and unverified claims, she is married to another American basketball legend, Lisa Boyer. And since they are both basketball Hall of Famers, the rumors have multiplied.

Is Dawn Staley Married? Is She Dating Lisa Boyer?

Despite the fact that speculations and rumors about them continue to circulate, the couple is not married. In reality, the two have never publicly stated that they are dating or married. On the other hand, she joked about a romance with Lisa in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Fans were ecstatic, but many were disappointed when they discovered that the news was false.

Lisa Boyer and Dawn Staley have teamed together to help South Carolina win two national championships in the last five years.

Some speculate that Lisa and Dawn’s friendship has evolved into a romantic one. The following tweet by Boyer is the source of the speculation:

“Boyer!! We are that old married couple who started young and will grow old together. You put the ride and die in the RIDE and DIE! Proud of you Boyer. Thanks for sacrificing your career to help to me serve our teams, program, university and state. What a ride?!”

The tweet isn’t exactly proof of a romance: there’s nothing else to imply Lisa and Dawn are anything more than close friends and coworkers.

Dawn is recognized for being a snarky character who frequently makes sarcastic jokes regarding her relationships with many well-known figures.

Although both sets of admirers wished for Lisa and Dawn to reunite, they have remained silent about their rumored romance.

Aside from that, she joked in a tweet that she was dating a Twitter user with the handle ‘ksan indiangirl.’ The user’s true identity has not been revealed.

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Is Dawn Staley Lesbian?

Dawn has never been one to discuss the details of her romantic life. She is not married, and she has not disclosed any information regarding whether she has a significant other. There are rumors circulating about the possibility of having a wife rather than a husband.

lisa boyer and dawn staley, is Dawn Staley Lesbian?

The former Houston Comets guard, who is now 51 years old, has not addressed the question of whether or not she is a lesbian, despite the fact that she has never objected to being called a lesbian by her fans.

However, because there are persistent reports that Dawn and Lisa Boyer are getting together, there are ongoing speculations that she is a lesbian. These rumors continue to go throughout the internet.


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