Is Kelly Ripa Pregnant? Kelly Misreads Her Recent Sign Of Pregnancy!

Is Kelly Ripa Pregnant? Kelly Misreads Her Recent Sign Of Pregnancy!

A delighted mother of three, Kelly Ripa recently believed she was expecting her fourth child after convincing herself that she was pregnant.

Kelly Maria Ripa,51, is an American actress, talk show host, and television producer. She is best known for her role as Hayley Vaughan in the ABC soap opera All My Children, which she played from 1990 to 2002. Since 2001, she has co-hosted the syndicated morning talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan.

For Disney, she hosted the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade special from 2001 to 2009 and voiced Future Bonnie Rockwaller in Kim Possible: A Stitch in Time, an animated movie from 2003. She also played herself on the Hannah Montana episode “I Am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar!” on the Disney Channel, as well as on The Knights of Prosperity, Ugly Betty, and Brothers & Sisters on ABC.

She played Faith Fairfeld on the TV show Hope & Faith, which aired on ABC. In the Good Luck Charlie episode “All Fall Down,” she was also mentioned. She also played Whitney on the TV show American Housewife, which was shown on ABC.

Is Kelly Ripa Pregnant?

Well…the answer is no. Kelly is not pregnant right now. However, she has shared some interesting news.

The 51-year-old host of a daytime talk show told Haute Living about her upcoming book, “Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories,” “I will definitely include that time during the pandemic when I thought my husband got me pregnant.”

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“I started taking pregnancy tests every day, but then Mark asked me, “Could there be another reason you’re not getting your period?” and me saying, “What else could there be?”He really had to walk on eggshells to tell me that I was probably going through menopause.”

Ripa admitted that she was glad she didn’t have to “explain to my kids that they were about to meet their new sibling.”

Is Kelly Ripa Pregnant? Kelly Misreads Her Recent Sign Of Pregnancy!

But a new sibling wouldn’t have been that surprising since Ripa and Consuelos, who are both 51, talk about their s*x lives all the time.

Kelly Has Three Children And A Loving Husband

The relationship between the Live With Kelly and Ryan host and the Riverdale actor hasn’t changed since they first met when Consuelos read for the part of Mateo Santos, who would later play the love interest of Ripa’s TV character Hayley Vaughan.

Consuelos and Ripa started dating quietly not long after they met on the set of the soap opera.

Is Kelly Ripa Pregnant? Kelly Misreads Her Recent Sign Of Pregnancy!

It didn’t take long for the two people to realize they were meant to be together. In 1996, during a date night of pizza and wine, Consuelos asked his love to marry him. She said yes, and they quickly flew to Las Vegas to get married. They tied the knot on 1 May 1996.

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One year after getting married, Ripa and Consuelos had their first child, Michael. They went on to have two more children, Lola and Joaquin, in 2001 and 2003, respectively. When their kids eventually went off to college, the couple talked about the pros and cons of being empty nesters.

The couple had no intention of expanding their family with another child at the time.

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