Who Is Partner Track’s Arden Cho Dating In 2022? All About Her Netflix Drama!

Who Is Partner Track's Arden Cho Dating In 2022? All About Her Netflix Drama!

Arden Cho was previously linked to youtuber actor and comedian Ryan Higa with much speculation about the pair being an item since 2015. But in 2020, there were news about their breakup. After her strange breakup with Higa, the fans of Arden are speculating about her new relationship.

Now, there are speculations that Arden Cho is dating her Partner Tracks’ co – star Dominic Sherwood. But, according to sources, Dominic Sherwood is in relationship with Decker Sadowski. So, the rumors might not true.

Andro Cho’s Netflix Drama ‘Partner Track’

Arden Cho, who was in Teen Wolf, is in the new American legal drama Partner Track, which is now on Netflix. This show was made by Georgia Lee and is based on Helen Wan’s 2013 book The Partner Track. The first episode of the show came out on August 26, 2022, and it’s a great show to watch all at once.

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The show is about a young Korean-American lawyer named Ingrid Yun, played by Arden Cho, who wants to get ahead in her career. Ingrid is the family’s first lawyer. At Parsons Valentine, a prestigious but old-fashioned law firm in New York City, where she works, she is seen navigating a hot and exciting love triangle. This new Netflix show, Partner Track, has 10 episodes in the first season.

Who Is Partner Track's Arden Cho Dating In 2022? All About Her Netflix Drama!

Andro Cho’s Character Faces Racism In Drama

Arden Cho understands a thing or two about how hard it is for Asian American women to break through a glass ceiling. Cho, who became famous as the sword-swinging Kira Yukimura on MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” was told for most of her acting career that she would never lead her own English-language show.

But Cho does just that in the Netflix show “Partner Track.” In the new legal drama that starts on Friday, she plays Ingrid Yun, a young woman who has a rough personal life while trying to get her dream job at a prestigious New York City law firm. There, she has to deal with the all-too-familiar microaggressions that come from racism and s*xism in the workplace. It’s become Cho’s dream role. In February, she made headlines when she turned down a new “Teen Wolf” movie because she wasn’t paid as much as her white co-stars. Now, Cho wants to use her story to motivate the next generation of Asian American women.

She has “learned the power of saying no,” and also she doesn’t like to think about the past.

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Even though there are some similarities between the different Asian cultures, Cho, who calls herself Korean American but admits that she sometimes looks Chinese or Japanese due to her presumably mixed heritage, said that switching cultures without doing research on their differences can be “very problematic” and hurt the way a story is told. In this case, the producers opted to alter the character so that it would reflect Cho’s own cultural background. This gave Ingrid’s background a more real feel.

Is Arden Cho Dating Someone in 2022?

Arden Cho not confirmed any relationship with Dominic Sherwood or any other man. She seems single after her split from Ryan Higa.

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