Is Tim Cook Gay? Does He Have A Boyfriend?

Is Tim Cook Gay? Does He Have A Boyfriend?

A few years ago, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, first said that he was gay. He said that God’s “greatest gift” to him is that he is gay.

Mr. Cook, who is 53, said that he had been open about his sexuality with many people for years, but he wanted to keep some privacy in public.

He said that he hopes coming out will inspire people to fight for their right to equality and that this is “worth giving up some of my privacy for.”

Is Tim Cook Gay? Does He Have A Boyfriend?

With this news, Mr. Cook became the best-known CEO to come out as gay.

People all over the world want to know who Tim Cook’s boyfriend is right now. This article will answer that question and more.

Who Is Tim Cook’s Boyfriend? Is He Dating Benjamin Ling?

Let’s look at this story as if it happened a long time ago. Tim Cook went to the gay pride parade in San Francisco in June of 2014. He was with a man named Benjamin Ling, who worked at Apple. Then, in October of that year, he said he was gay in an editorial for Bloomberg Business.

Is Tim Cook Gay? Does He Have A Boyfriend?

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Mr. Cook wrote in Businessweek, “Let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I think it’s one of the best things God has given me.”

In a tweet, Ling also thanked Tim for being honest about being gay.

People didn’t take long to put two and two together, and rumors quickly spread that Tim Cook’s friend Benjamin Ling, who was with him at the gay pride parade, was his boyfriend.

Tim Cook never spoke up to say anything. During the interview, he said that he had been trying to get a “basic level of privacy.” When Benjamin Ling told everyone about his partner Chris Coudron in 2018, the rumors were put to rest.

Is Tim Cook Gay? Does He Have A Boyfriend?

Tim Cook has always put his privacy first, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are no signs that he is in a relationship right now. Also, Cook hasn’t been seen with anyone who might be a match. This leads us to believe that he is currently single and not seeing anyone.

But this does remind us of a scary but interesting story that happened earlier this year, when a woman who said she was Tim Cook’s wife followed him around. Read on to find out more.

Woman Who Falsely Claimed She Was Tim Cook’s Wife And Followed Him Agreed To Stay Away For Three Years

Apple says that a woman followed CEO Tim Cook for more than a year, sending him pictures of a loaded gun and breaking into his home. In court, the woman agreed to stay away from Cook, Apple employees, and Apple properties, and to give up any guns she might have.

Apple got a temporary restraining order against the woman in January because they said she was acting “erratic, threatening, and weird.” In the application, the company included copies of photos, emails, and tweets that were said to be from the woman. Apple said that the woman “may be armed, is still in the South Bay Area, and plans to go back to Cook’s house or find him in the near future in another way.” Apple said it thought she drove a Porsche Macan SUV from Virginia to Palo Alto on October 22 and went to Cook’s house.

Woman Who Falsely Claimed She Was Tim Cook's Wife And Followed Him Agreed To Stay Away For Three Years

The 46-year-old woman couldn’t have guns, talk to Apple employees, including Tim Cook, enter any Apple property, or go to Cook’s home in Palo Alto, according to the temporary order. Tuesday was the last day of the order.

Judge Erik Johnson of the Santa Clara County Superior Court signed a new order that both Apple and the woman had agreed to. It had the same rules as the temporary order that was proposed, but it would only be in effect for three years. When Johnson asked her questions to make sure she understood the terms of the order, she quickly said “yes” and “yes, sir.”

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In a court filing from January, Apple security expert Jose Barrera said that he works closely with CEO Tim Cook and feared that the woman was a threat to Cook and all Apple employees, including himself and the security team. Barrera said outside the courthouse on Tuesday, “We’re happy with the way things turned out.”

The three-year order also says that the woman can’t talk to the CEO or any other Apple employees directly, indirectly, or through email, social media, or other electronic means.


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