Is Yung Gravy Dating Addison Rae’s Mother? Here’s What We Know!

Is Yung Gravy Dating Addison Rae's Mother? Here's What We Know!

Even though the MTV Video Music Awards are about music, the pre-show was all about a big social media tussle. Rapper Yung Gravy, who was 26 and became famous for his song “Betty (Get Money)” in 2022, showed up with a 42-year-old woman named Sheri Easterling. On the red carpet, they wore matching purple outfits and kissed.

“We met online and hit it off right away,” Yung Gravy said after performing his hit single. “I’m from as far north as you can get, and she’s from as far south as you can go.” But he said, “I’m into MILFs, and she’s kind of the queen of MILFs, so I thought it was a good match.”

If you don’t use social media, this might have seemed like a very strange conversation. But their story turned out to be a pretty big deal on TikTok.

Addison Rae, a TikTok icon who went viral and now has more than 88 million followers, is the daughter of Easterling. People says that Easterling and her husband Monty Lopez have been separated for almost a year because Lopez is said to have cheated on Easterling with a 25-year-old influencer.

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The Beef Between Addison Rae’s Dad And Yung Gravy?

It all started with an audio program. On August 4, Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry, who run the BFFs Podcast, interviewed 26-year-old Yung Gravy. On the podcast, Yung Gravy said about Addison Rae’s mother, Sheri Nicole Easterling, “She just got divorced.” He continued, “We’re going out on a date soon. I only know she lives in Louisiana.”

Even though the 26-year-old rapper later told Portnoy that he didn’t know she was married, it was enough for Monty Lopez to threaten him with a boxing match. But since we live in the age of social media, it all happened on TikTok.

Who Is Sheri Nicole Easterling?

Is Yung Gravy Dating Addison Rae's Mother? Here's What We Know!

Sheri Nicole Easterling, who is Addison Rae’s mom, is a social media influencer in the same way that her daughter is famous on the app TikTok. She has 1.1 million Instagram followers and 14.2 million TikTok followers.

Sheri changed her bio on both apps to say “single mom” because of the trouble she was having with her ex-husband. Yung Gravy has been in a few of the most recent videos she has posted to TikTok.

Who Is Yung Gravy?

Matthew Raymond Hauri, who is best known as Yung Gravy, was born in Rochester, Minnesota, on March 19, 1996. He went to school at the University of Wisconsin, where he started rapping as a hobby. The 26-year-old is an American rapper whose song Mr. Clean made him famous on SoundCloud in 2017.

Since then, Yung Gravy has gone on seven international tours and released one mixtape, three albums, and seven EPs. His style of music is a mix of modern trap music and songs from the 1950s and 1960s.

Lena Stojiljkovic of The Badger Harald said, “It’s well known that he’s interested in the 1950s and 1960s, and his album and EP covers reflect the popular pin-up art of the time.” This has a big impact on his music style. Some of his songs, like “Oops!” and “Magic,” have also become popular on TikTok.

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Are Sheri Easterling And Yung Gravy Dating?

From there presence and kiss on the MTV Video Music Awards they might be dating. Yung Gravy’s statement on Easterling after his performance, make us sure that there is something between them.

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