How Kimora Lee Simmons Ex-Husband ‘Faked’ Divorce To Wed Her

How Kimora Lee Simmons Ex-Husband ‘Faked’ Divorce To Wed Her

Tim Leissner, Kimora Lee Simmons’s ex-husband and a former banker for Goldman Sachs, said in court that he faked two divorces, one in the U.S. and one in China.

Leissner said he did this so he could get married again, and he said he said his vows to former model Kimora Lee Simmons while still legally married to his first wife.

The 52-year-old former Goldman Sachs star banker said this shocking thing while testifying in Brooklyn federal court during the bribery trial of his former Goldman Sachs colleague Roger Ng.

How Kimora Lee Simmons Ex-Husband ‘Faked’ Divorce To Wed Her

Simmons married the German-born investment banker in 2014. Simmons is a reality TV star, a fashion designer, and the ex-wife of hip hop mogul Russell Simmons.

Tim Leissner Submitted Fake Documents To Marry Kimora Lee SImmons And Judy Chan

The Daily Mail says that Leissner said he used fake papers to marry Judy Chan, a former Goldman analyst, in 2000 while he was still married to another woman.

Leissner also faked divorce papers so that he could marry Simmons in 2014.

According to Bloomberg, Leissner said in court that he married Kimora Lee Simmons even though he was still legally married to Judy Chan Leissner and had “faked” a divorce from her.

How Kimora Lee Simmons Ex-Husband ‘Faked’ Divorce To Wed Her

“I photoshopped the divorce document,” Leissner told the jury about his 2014 wedding to the designer of Baby Phat.

He said Chan knew about the fake, but Simmons didn’t know that he faked a divorce so he could marry her.

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Wolfe Lee Leissner is their only child together. The former model also has a son with actor Djimon Hounsou and two daughters with disgraced music mogul Russell Simmons.

Leissner testified that he wed Simmons even though he was still legally married to Judy Chan Leissner.

When the prosecutor Drew Rolle asked Leissner if Judy Chan Leissner knew about this, Leissner said that she was upset—so upset that she wouldn’t help him put a $900,000 down payment on a house in Los Angeles for him and his new wife.

Leissner said that he tried to get Chan to give him money for a house that he and Simmons wanted to buy. He told Judy Chan that the money was needed for Malaysian financier Jho Low, who is wanted for allegedly being the mastermind behind the 1MDB scheme. He said that Low was the person who needed the money. “It didn’t work,” Leissner testified.

Leissner told the jury, “I think she did some research on the Internet and found out I was trying to buy this house.”

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Kimora Lee Simmons’ Husband Tim Tim Leissner Even Posed To Be His Ex-Wife Judy Chan

Tim Leissner, who used to work as a banker for Goldman Sachs and is no longer married to Kimora Lee Simmons, testified that he posed as his ex-wife online to tell a bunch of lies, including making Kimora think he wasn’t still married when they met.

Tim said under oath that he pretended for years to be his then-wife, Chinese heiress Judy Chan, and sent fake emails to his future wife Kimora when they first started dating.

How Kimora Lee Simmons Ex-Husband ‘Faked’ Divorce To Wed Her

It’s kind of crazy… Tim said he made a fake email account in the name of Chan so he could try to get Kimora to like him. He did this to make her think he was already divorced from Chan.

Kimora invited Chan and her kids on multiple family vacations, but Tim, pretending to be Chan, turned them down in emails shown in court. This suggests that Tim did a good job of pretending to be Chan.

The bombshell testimony is part of the ongoing embezzlement trial of Tim’s former coworker at Goldman Sachs, Roger Ng. Tim also testified that he used the fake email account to talk to Malaysian financier Jho Low as if he was his then-wife. Low has been charged separately with, among other things, laundering billions of dollars.

It’s not clear if Kimora knew about Tim’s fake emails before he testified, but her lawyers say that she and Tim are no longer in contact with each other.


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