Who Is Kristin Zang’s Boyfriend In 2022? Zang Talks About Her Ex-Bf Leonardo DiCaprio!

Who Is Kristin Zang's Boyfriend In 2022? Zang Talks About Her Ex-Bf Leonardo DiCaprio!

Kristen Zang is a well-known American model, actress, TV personality, businesswoman, social media influencer, media face, and entrepreneur. She was born on June 22, 1974, and is now 48 years old.

She is a native of Battle Creek, Michigan, United States. Kristen is also well-known because she used to date Leonardo DiCaprio. I should tell you that she is also a well-known actress and model.

She loves animals, is good at the kitchen, and knows a lot about nutrition. These things led her to start “Emma Lou’s Homemade Kitchen,” a company that makes gourmet, human-grade dog food. She still likes to be in front of the camera from time to time, but what she loves most is running her company, helping with dog rescue, and hanging out with her beloved husky mix Emma Lou and lab mix Meester James.

Kristen worked in a lot of commercials and brand campaigns because she was a model. Not only that, but she also played roles in a number of movies and TV shows.

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She is the owner of Emma Lou’s Homemade Kitchen at the moment. This article tells you about Kristin’s current beau and her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Who Is Kristin Zang’s Boyfriend In 2022?

It seems like Kristin is married now. We found out that Kristin Zang is married to a man named Shea Dale after digging into her Instagram account. From his bio, we learned that he is the owner of a local business called Shea-Built Construction.

Who Is Kristin Zang's Boyfriend In 2022? Zang Talks About Her Ex-Bf Leonardo DiCaprio!

She got married to Shea Dale on 15 March 2015. On the same date in 2021, Kristin shared a post with caption, “7 years ago today…. and not the least bit itchy ❤️”. It seems like the photograph is from their wedding.

There is no information about her children.

Kristin Talks About the Claims Against Leonardo DiCaprio

From 1995 to 1999, Kristen Zang, 48, dated Leonardo DiCaprio, 47.

But after reading what she calls “ageist” headlines and online comments about Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent breakup with longtime girlfriend Camila Morrone, 25, Zang felt compelled to share her point of view with PEOPLE.

My ex-boyfriend and I are both very private. But for the first time this past week, I felt compelled to share a few things. Leo and I had a four-year relationship. When I was 19, I met him through friends, and we started dating when we were both 21.

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Back then, things were different. We could go places without having to worry about the paparazzi following us. He was making a movie called Marvin’s Room in 1995. I remember well when I went to see him on set and watched the O.J. Meryl Streep’s trailer where she heard the Simpson verdict. For a country boy from Michigan like me, it was a strange time.

Who Is Kristin Zang's Boyfriend In 2022? Zang Talks About Her Ex-Bf Leonardo DiCaprio!

She went on, “I spent a lot of time with Leo on different sets in different countries. I loved his friends and he loved mine. We were all happy and got along well. Leo was a great boyfriend. He was kind and caring. We also went through some hard times, as all couples do. In 1997, we broke up for a while, but we got back together again. Then, about four months after I turned 25 (ha, I know what you’re thinking), it was finally over.”

She also said, “I chose to do it. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just felt ready for our relationship to end. It felt like I was no longer the Hollywood high school girl I used to be. I wanted to figure out who I was and what I wanted.”

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