Mackenzie Dipman Is The Newest Bombshell To Enter The Villa, According To ‘Love Island USA’

Mackenzie Dipman Is The Newest Bombshell To Enter The Villa, According To 'Love Island USA'

A well-known person is about to become the next big surprise.

Mackenzie Dipman, who has been on Love Island before, is joining season 4 of Love Island USA. The person from Season 2 is about to go back to the villa to try to find love again. Why? “I’m still single. That seems like the obvious answer, “People is the only place she tells it.

Mackenzie was on Love Island for 26 days, and she was with Connor Trott for most of that time. When Trott left the show later in the season, he and Mackenzie got back together. They had a relationship outside of the show until March 2021, when they said they were breaking up.

Mackenzie, 25, is back to being single, and she already knows a few Islanders she wants to meet when she gets there on Wednesday’s episode, even if they’re already taken.

Dipman says, “It’s not like I walk in and no one has really caught my eye,” but she didn’t name any of the men who interest her right now. “It’s hard because I don’t know who will be there at that exact moment. Things change so quickly that it’s possible that someone I’m interested in is no longer in the villa.”

Mackenzie Dipman Is The Newest Bombshell To Enter The Villa, According To 'Love Island USA'

Dipman says she won’t just go with the first person she likes. Instead, she’ll use what she learned on Love Island to weigh her options. “There are a few guys I’m definitely interested in. I do know, though, that people I worked with on the show looked very different on TV than they did in real life, so I’m trying to keep an open mind about everyone.”

Dipman thinks that her second time on the Peacock (formerly CBS) show will be very different from the first. Since she moved into the villa two years ago, Dipman has been able to enjoy the “luxuries of getting older,” like feeling better about herself.

“When I think back to the beginning of my journey, I feel like we all grow and change a lot. Two years have passed. And I know that the person who walks into the villa for the first time will have a very different experience than the person who walks into the villa now, two years later “she tells.

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“Just that I’m really looking forward to enjoying it in a way I don’t think I did the first time. Just having the freedom to try out new things, have fun, and meet new people. I think that’s one of the nice things about getting a little bit older: you learn to let go of some worries. I just think it will be a lot more fun and less stressful this time.”

She also thinks she’ll have to give a lot of advice.

She says with a laugh, “I definitely like to give advice, whether people ask for it or not.” “But I do hope that they see me as a big sister or someone who has been through this before and really use me as a resource to figure out what’s going to happen next. Because I think we all thought we knew what was going to happen, and I think we were all very surprised by how different what happened after the show was from what we thought was going to happen.”

Mackenzie Dipman Is The Newest Bombshell To Enter The Villa, According o 'Love Island USA'

She wants the women to ask different questions, for example. “I think they should just ask, “What are your plans for the next six months?” And, “Do you think you’ll move if we don’t live together?” And if you don’t like long-distance, how do you feel about it?’ They need to ask these questions. It’s not like asking, “Do you want kids someday?” Think in the short term.”

Mackenzie says that one thing about her that hasn’t changed is that she still doesn’t hold back when she talks about how she feels.

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“I love to tell a guy when he treats a girl badly. I love it the most. You can count on me to do that again this season “she says. “I have a list. My hit list is about as long as the list of people I like.”

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