Jazz impresario Meghan Stabile Dead At 38 – Know More About Thundercat’s Girlfriend

Jazz impresario Meghan Stabile Dead At 38 - Know More About Thundercat's Girlfriend

Meghan Stabile of Revive Music, a jazz pioneer, died at the age of 38. Michael Skidds, Stabile’s brother, verified her death and set up a GoFundMe campaign to assist the family with funeral expenses.

Jazz impresario Meghan Stabile Dead At 38 - Know More About Thundercat's Girlfriend

Messages praising Stabile’s contagious energy and wonderful ability to bring musicians together are pouring in from all around the US jazz scene. Her career as a jazz entrepreneur and producer was only getting started, but she’d already helped launch a number of well-known musicians, including Thundercat, a two-time Grammy winner.

Stabile, then a rising star in the New York jazz scene, was described as a “lady on a weird mission: to make music important to the hip-hop youth” in a 2013 New York Times profile.

Her mission was complicated further by the fact that she was a petite, soft-spoken woman working in a male-dominated field. After graduating from Berklee College Of Music in 2006, Stabile entered the scene at a time when the tide looked to be turning away from jazz and toward hip-hop as the tastes of a new generation evolved.

Stabile avoided discussing her early years, which she merely described as “very horrible” in vague terms. “Not many people are aware of it,” she once said. I don’t bring it up. I also don’t pay attention to it. I concentrate on what I’m doing right now.”

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Meghan was reared primarily by her grandma and aunt in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her father was not present, and she only mentioned her mother to claim that their relationship was “abusive.”

She set her sights on the New York music scene after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2006, where she briefly studied singing and guitar before focusing on business courses. There, she launched Revive Da Live, an ambitious series of performances aimed at inspiring younger generations to enjoy jazz as much as she did.

Revive Da Live morphed into the Revivalist, a website, and her own label, Revive Music. Stabile and her label appeared to be “in the center of the excitement” for New York’s jazz scene, according to Blue Note Records president Don Was.

What Berklee College Of Music Say About Meghan

Jazz impresario Meghan Stabile Dead At 38 - Know More About Thundercat's Girlfriend

Blue Note Records president Don Was remarked in a recent Fresh York Times article of Meghan Stabile that when he was trying to hear about new advances in the jazz field, all roads lead to Stabile. Was observed, “She appeared to be at the core of the energy.” Stabile created Revive Music Group shortly before graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2006, with the goal of promoting an underappreciated group of jazz players that approached the music with a hip-hop flair. Her pioneering work as an impresario has resulted in a number of unexpected first-time partnerships, including as Roy Ayers and Pete Rock, Mos Def, and the Robert Glasper Experiment. Revive-Music.com is a prominent venue for new jazz promotion.

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Messages Of Condolences Received From All Corners Of The Music Industry

During her brief but active career, Stabile assisted in the introduction of a number of well-known jazz performers, as well as pioneering collaborations between Roy Ayers and Pete Rock. In 2011, Ayers, a legendary vibraphonist, and vocalist with a five-decade career in jazz and R&B, linked up with hip-hop expert Pete Rock for a two-night performance.

Mos Def and the Robert Glasper Experiment are two more prominent collaborations Meghan enabled. Glasper was one of Stabile’s earliest New York bookings, and she remains one of her closest friends.


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