Michel Janse Divorce – Everything You Need To Know

Michel Janse Divorce - Everything You Need To Know

Michel Janse was born in Boerne, Texas, USA, on March 19, 1997. Michel is known for having been in movies like Stage V (2016), My All-American (2015), and Cupid’s Match (2018). Even if you haven’t seen her movies yet, you might recognize her as a social media celebrity. Michel started a successful lifestyle YouTube channel where she posts multiple times a week on a regular basis.

Michel was married to Brooke Smith on February 2, 2019. However, people were left shocked when in Nov 2021 she announced that she was going to get a divorce from her husband. Fans really seemed to think their marriage would last much longer before it fell apart. Just a few months before she made the divorce announcement, she talked about how much she missed him when she had covid.

Michel Janse Divorce - Everything You Need To Know

So what led to the divorce between Michel Janse and her husband Brooke Smith, let’s find out in this article.

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How Did Michel Janse And Brooke Smith First Meet?

Michel was really not into the whole dating scenario from the beginning as she was looking for a serious relationship. She would often cry to her mother about all the guys she met through dating apps.

So, Michel finally chose to avoid all the problems that come with dating. It was time for her to take care of herself. Michel, on the other hand, started going on dates by herself and going to fancy restaurants. After a couple of months, she got a job as a line cook at a restaurant.

She heard about a dating app from one of her roommates and set up all the details on this app one day for no reason. Michel never told anyone what this app was called. The funniest thing is that Michel chose Brooke as he stayed pretty close. And yes! It really was a chance meeting.

Both of them chose to talk in person first. They did this because they wanted to learn more about each other before going on a real date. Michel thought Brooke was a very nice person. So, at last, they went out on their first date in Los Angeles. When Michel and Brooke first started dating, Michel was only 19 and Brooke was 23. From the first day he met Brooke, Michel’s dream was to marry her. Finally, Brooke made Michel’s dream come true.

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Why Did Michel Janse And Brooke Smith Divorce?

Both played a role in why the marriage didn’t work out. In one of her videos, Michel even says that they were both involved.

When Michel first started posting Michel’s videos, they were about specific things like “Sip & Thrift,” “planning a wedding,” “actor advice,” “financial advice,” etc., but as time went on, vlogs became her main source of income. She still only does vlogs. However, Brooke apparently wasn’t happy with Michel telling the public personal things about them, which made him become closer to Ari.

Michel Janse Divorce - Everything You Need To Know

For example, Michel was going to say who he shared an office with, but he said “no” because he wanted to keep it private. She also talked openly about their sex life in multiple videos. At the end of the day, they grew apart because he didn’t want to be a YouTuber. Fans also think Michel is taking advantage of this breakup. as they can’t understand why she keeps saying she’s still “loyal” to him and wants to “protect” him when she’s dropping hints that he cheated on her.

Michel had a boyfriend in college with whom she broke up, and she moved to Los Angeles, where she met her now ex-husband soon after. Fans opine she keeps doing the same thing over and over. She got a divorce from her ex-husband and moved back to Austin. It’s also clear as day that Michel is interested in or dating the co-owner of Noble Joe Coffee.


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