What Is Phaedra park’s Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Phaedra park's Net Worth In 2022?

Phaedra Parks was born in Athens, Georgia, on October 26, 1973. Parks got a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Wesleyan College, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Georgia, and a degree in mortuary sciences from Jefferson State College.

After going out with Apollo Nida for 14 years, Phaedra got married to him in 2009. The couple has two boys. In May 2010, their first child, Ayden Adonis Nida, was born. In August 2013, their second child, Dylan, was born. Nida was charged with several counts of theft and fraud in 2014. Soon after Nida was arrested, Phaedra asked for a divorce from him. Apollo Nida was given a prison sentence of eight years.

Phaedra park Career

After going to law school, Phaedra Parks got a job at Bridges, Ordmand & Faenza, a law firm that works for Geico. From there, she got her own clients, starting with a young star named Drama who was in jail when he was supposed to be on tour. Phaedra was able to convince the judge to let him go on his tour, and she went with him to make sure he would come back to finish his sentence. After this case, a lot of famous people, like Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Ludacris, and more, hired her as their lawyer. Jezebel Magazine named Phaedra an Attorney of Distinction, and she has served on the boards of the University of Georgia Law School, the Grammy Recording Board, and the G-Capp. She was also the President of the Gate City Bar Association at one time. In 2006, Phaedra won the award for Attorney of the Year, and magazines like Rolling Out and The Atlanta Business Chronicle wrote about her. Before she and her husband got married in 2009, Phaedra Parks defended him in court when he was charged with racketeering. In the end, he got 18 years in prison, but he only served five.

Phaedra is the managing partner of The Parks Group, an Atlanta-based law firm. She deals with both civil and criminal cases, as well as reports on the entertainment industry and intellectual property. Parks has been a legal analyst for Fox News, NBC, County TV, “Extra,” and “Entertainment Tonight.” She has been on the American Bar Association’s board of directors.

Parks is a social activist, and through her non-profit group Save Our Sons, she speaks up for African-American boys. The group’s main goal is to help Black boys find good male role models. Parks has met with the families of people who were killed violently or for no reason, like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

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Parks also works with Congress to set up programs that give chances to young people who are in danger. Parks has also spoken out about civil rights issues and has gone to places like Selma, Alabama, and Flint, Michigan to fight against social injustices.

Parks wrote “Secrets of the Southern Belle: How to Be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun, and Never Have an Off Moment,” which became a best-seller. The book gives advice on how to be graceful, charming, and sure of yourself like a real Southern Belle.

Parks travels around the country often as a motivational speaker to talk about business, law, personal growth, and being successful.

Parks is also licensed to run a funeral home, and he wants to open one in Atlanta.

Phaedra Parks is also a cast member of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She first appeared on the show in season three. At the end of season nine, she was fired from the show. During the four-part reunion for season nine, the shocking fact that Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, wanted to drug Porsha Williams and “sexually take advantage of her” came up. Williams wanted Burruss to admit to this secret, so she called her out. She then went to Phaedra Parks to back up her claim. It turned out that Parks had started this rumor by telling Williams about it. Parks said she was sorry for what she did, but it was too late. Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss left in tears. Soon after the last episode aired on Bravo, the show’s producers decided to have nothing more to do with the well-known lawyer and fired her.

Parks later said that she doesn’t feel bad about what she did. In an interview with People right after the season nine finale, Parks talked about the shocking news and said that she is a firm believer in “There is a reason for everything. What’s supposed to happen will, “she told me. “They say you’re set up to step up for the next thing, right? I’m aware of how lucky I am. Because I am frugal, I know those good things will happen to me. I don’t have any regrets, but I know it had to happen.”

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What Is Phaedra park’s Net Worth In 2022?

American TV personality and entertainment lawyer Phaedra Parks has a net worth of $6 million. Phaedra Parks made her money as an attorney and as the managing partner of the Parks Group PC. Her law firm mostly helps entertainers, athletes, and people who are being accused of crimes with court cases and contract negotiations. The Real Housewives of Atlanta also has Phaedra Parks as a cast member. She first showed up on the show in the third season.

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