‘Power Rangers’ Jason David Frank’s Wife Tammie Files For Divorce – Claims He Cheated On Her

'Power Rangers' Jason David Frank's Wife Tammie Files For Divorce - Claims He Cheated On Her

Jason David Frank’s wife is throwing in the towel on her marriage to the White Ranger. After 19 years of marriage, she has filed for divorce and accused him of having an affair.

Jason married Tammie in May 2003, and she lists July 1 as the date of separation. He is best known for playing Tommy Oliver in the “Power Rangers” series. They do not have any children under the age of 18 together.

'Power Rangers' Jason David Frank's Wife Tammie Files For Divorce - Claims He Cheated On Her

Read on to know why the Power Rangers star Jason David and his wife Tammie decided to get a divorce.

Why Did David Frank’s Wife Tammie File For Divorce?

In court documents that TMZ got a hold of, the 57-year-old Muay Thai instructor said that her longtime partner cheated on her, and she said that was one of the reasons they broke up.

Jason’s ex-wife also says that the marriage didn’t work because of disagreements and fights between them. She also says that she can’t live with Jason anymore because of how cruel he is to her.

The news that they broke up came after she wrote a post about “fresh starts” and “getting rid of the wrong people in your life.”

Last week, Tammie shared a quote that said, “God is telling you today…” Look up; your help is in Me, not in men. I’m doing something different in your life.”

The text went on: “I’m getting rid of the wrong people in your life and setting you up for something better and bigger.” They hurt you, but I took them away.’

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“Stop crying about what you’ve lost and what’s wrong. The message ended with, “You need to refocus your energy on the new things I’m bringing into your life.”

'Power Rangers' Jason David Frank's Wife Tammie Files For Divorce - Claims He Cheated On Her

The next day, she thought about how her oldest daughter’s death was coming up on its first anniversary.

“The worst thing that ever happened to me was losing my daughter. Just around the corner, one year will have passed;( #shayla #frank More and more, I miss you. She wrote on Instagram, “I know in my heart that you see what’s going on and are guiding me.”

The last picture Tammie showed Jason was on September 6, 2021, during Labor Day weekend. This was almost a year ago.

After hearing that her parents were splitting up, Jenna, who just turned 18 in June, wrote in a mysterious way on her Instagram Story, “Not everything you see is true.”

Jason’s Ex-Wife Wants The Court To Give Her Most Of Their Money And Property

Jason’s ex-wife Tammie, has filed a petition with the court, requesting that she be given the greater portion of their assets, which would include both their residence in Texas and one of their vehicles.

We are keeping an eye on the developments and would update our readers as soon as further details emerge.


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