Who Was Princess Diana’s Boyfriend, Dodi Fayed?

Who Was Princess Diana's Boyfriend, Dodi Fayed?

Diana, the Princess of Wales, was a member of the British royal family. She was the first wife of Charles III, who was the Prince of Wales at the time, and the mother of Princes William and Harry. Diana’s activism and beauty made her an international icon, and her troubled private life made the public look at her in a way they never had before.

On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana died in a terrible car accident in Paris. This news shocked the whole world. But the sudden death of the Princess of Wales wasn’t the only bad thing that happened a certain night. Even though the funeral of Princess Diana was watched by billions of people.

Who Was Princess Diana's Boyfriend, Dodi Fayed?

Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana’s boyfriend also died in the same car accident at the Pont D’Alma tunnel in Paris that took the life of Diana 25 years ago. Fayed actually enjoyed an interesting life before he met the famous Princess of Wales, despite the fact that he is now tightly connected to her.

In this article, we”ll read about Princess Diana’s boyfriend, Dodi Fayed and how two of them got linked to each other.

Princess Diana Was Dating Dodi Fayed At The Time Of Her Death

According to The Independent, Dodi first met Diana in 1986 at a polo match in Windsor while she was still wed to Prince Charles. But they didn’t actually start dating until 1997, when Diana accepted Dodi’s father’s invitation to spend time on his yacht in the south of France.

At that time, Diana was reported to be in a long-term relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. He later told an inquest that she ended their relationship soon after meeting Dodi, even though she said he wasn’t the reason. In August, Diana went back to Mohamed’s yacht, where she was photographed kissing Dodi. This made headlines all over the world. After their trip, the couple took a flight to Paris, where they both tragically died.

Who Was Princess Diana's Boyfriend, Dodi Fayed?

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Diana and Dodi’s relationship was short, but it was widely talked about and surrounded by controversy. Dodi’s reputation as a millionaire playboy who liked famous, beautiful women made a lot of noise at home.

Know About Dodi Fayed

Dodi Fayed was born in Egypt in 1955. His parents were the writer Samira Khashoggi and the billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, who used to own the London luxury store Harrods. He split his childhood between his family’s homes in Cairo, Paris, and the Riviera until he was 15. At that age, he moved to London.

After being a junior officer in the United Arab Emirates air force and being stationed in London, he went on to pursue a career in the film industry and worked on a number of titles. At the same time, Dodi became known as a rich “playboy” among the party scene elite in the mid-1980s.

Who Was Princess Diana's Boyfriend, Dodi Fayed?

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Princess Diana And Dodi Fayed Died At The Same Time

On August 31, 1997, the world woke up to the news that Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, and her driver, Henri Paul, had died in a car crash in Paris.

Dodi and the driver were both pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Diana, on the other hand, was taken to a nearby hospital but died there at 4:53am. Trevor Rees-Jones, who was Diana’s bodyguard, was the only person who lived through the crash.


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