Meet Salvador ‘Sal’ Perez’s Girlfriend Jessica Palkovic!

Meet Salvador 'Sal' Perez's Girlfriend Jessica Palkovic!

Salvador Perez is 31 years old and works as an executive assistant in Chicago. Salvador is a handsome, talented man who is interested in many things, but his favorite hobby is singing. He shares videos of himself singing on Instagram. He has a fun-loving personality and is close to his friends. He loves to spend quality time with them.

After the pod part of ‘LIB’ Season 2, six couples got engaged, including Salvador “Sal” Perez and Mallory Zapata. Mallory wasn’t sure about her relationship with Sal after they got out of the pods. She had also gotten close to Jarrette Jones on the show, but it was Jones who decided not to go through with the wedding on their wedding day.

However, Sal and Mallory didn’t get back together.

The two did, however, get back together after Season 2 ended to film the three-part After the Altar special. When the main Season 2 group got together to celebrate Natalie’s 30th birthday, Mallory and Sal were brought back together, but Sal’s new girlfriend was also there. In this article, we will tell you about the new girl in Sal’s life.

Who Is Salvador “Sal” Perez Dating?

Well…it seems like Sal is dating Jessica Palkovic, an actress, singer, and dancer from Chicago.

Meet Salvador 'Sal' Perez's Girlfriend Jessica Palkovic!

In the episode “After the Altar,” Jessica makes a big entrance, and everyone has a lot of questions.
Jessica grew up in Peoria, Illinois, and she is now in Chicago. According to website, she has always loved dance and theatre. She went on to study dance at The Peoria Ballet and The Rock School for Dance Education.

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Jessica must be pretty good because in 2010 and 2011 she competed in the Youth American Grand Prix, an international ballet competition.

Meet Salvador 'Sal' Perez's Girlfriend Jessica Palkovic!

Jessica, who goes by Jessi, is making moves as the “stretchiest girl on onlyfans,” as she calls herself.

What Does Sal think About His New Girlfriend?

He says, “From the minute we met, there was something there.” Sal says her girlfriend is a “firecracker.” He says, “If she is in a room, you know that she is in a room.” Sal also says that his girlfriend knows how to make everyone smile. She is also fun, a party person, and a fanatic. He says that Jessi is the nicest person he has ever met and that he hasn’t had as much fun with anyone else as he has with Jessi.

Meet Salvador 'Sal' Perez's Girlfriend Jessica Palkovic!

When Sal is with Jessi, he feels like he is being heard. In the most recent episodes of “Love is Blind: After the Altar,” the couple seems to be getting along very well. Well, it looks like Sal has finally found the love of his life.

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Is Mallory Zapata Jealous Of Sal’s New Relationship?

Sal has moved on, but Mallory is still in love with him. She feels jealous when she sees him happy with someone else. So, in the most recent episode, we can see that Mallory stays away from Sal and his girlfriend. Mallory says that she doesn’t need to know her ex-new fiance’s girlfriend. Sal is also not trying to talk to her because, as he says, his “focus is on Jessi.”

There are new episodes of “Love is Blind: After the Altar” that you can watch on Netflix.

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