The USS Omaha UFO Sightings Explained!

The USS Omaha UFO Sightings Explained!

The maker of a 46-second video about UFOs says it shows a group of objects hovering near a Navy ship.

In May of last year, a UFO filmmaker posted a clip of radar footage that he said showed a group of unidentified flying objects near a Navy ship off the coast of San Diego almost two years ago.

Jeremy Corbell put the 46-second video on Twitter and said it was taken on July 15, 2019, from the USS Omaha. He says that the video was shot in the ship’s combat information center.

“This is supporting electro-optic data showing a significant UFO event series in a warning area off San Diego,” Corbell wrote in the tweet.

Corbell, who made the 2018 documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers” about UFOs and is interested in them, said that the video showed a “significant UFO event series.”

In the new, unclassified video clip, sailors on the Omaha see up to nine UFOs flying around the ship at speeds close to 160 mph.

In the clip, we see a radar screen with a number of moving objects around the ship. At one point, a man who is not known is heard saying, “Holy (curse word)! They are moving fast and making a U-turn.”

This isn’t the first time Corbell has posted video that he says proves UFOs exist.

Pentagon Confirms The UFO Videos Released by Corbell Are Real

The Pentagon had already confirmed that Corbell’s 18-second video of three UFOs flying over the USS Russell in July 2019 is real.

The USS Omaha UFO Sightings Explained!

Corbell and his associate, Las Vegas investigative reporter George Knapp, talked about the new clip on Knapp’s paranormal-themed show “Mystery Wire”.

Corbell said on the show, “Luckily, we have footage from the CIC [combat information center] that was taken by a crew that was called in to film these strange events.”

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The filmmaker said that at one point, 14 UFOs could be seen on Navy radar, but he did not show any footage of that.

The USS Omaha UFO Sightings Explained!

“It backs up the idea that these aren’t just balloons falling into the water, and it’s not something that’s easy to explain. These are a large number of real unidentified objects,” he said.

Researchers said that nine US Navy ships in the Pacific Ocean in July 2019 were involved in a series of “strange intrusions” by unknown things in the sky.

“I don’t know where the things came from,” Kapp said. “If they were foreign drones, they had more advanced technology than anything we know of, and some of them looked like they could fly in the air, go into the water, and move through water just as easily as they moved through the air.

USS Omaha UFO Sightings Explained

Luis Elizondo, who used to run the Defense Department’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, said on “60 Minutes” that some sightings can’t be explained.

“We’re doing all the right things. Is it some kind of new technology for cruise missiles that China has made? Is it some kind of high-altitude balloon doing surveillance? When all the “what if” questions are answered and you’re still left with the fact that this is happening in our airspace and is real, it becomes compelling and a problem “Elizondo told the news station on May 16 about this.

In March, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told Maria Bartiromo of Fox News that some of the things that are hard to explain about these unreleased sightings are movements that are hard to copy and objects that move faster than the speed of sound without making a sonic boom.

The USS Omaha UFO Sightings Explained!

“There are some things we’ve seen for which we don’t have good explanations. When that information is no longer secret, I’ll be able to talk a little bit more about that.”

The classified intelligence study from a Pentagon task force looked at more than 120 sightings. Many of them were reported by U.S. Navy personnel, but some were from foreign militaries.

U.S. intelligence officials think that at least some of the strange things seen in the sky could be caused by experimental technology from a rival power.

One senior U.S. official who was briefed on the report but didn’t want to be named told the Times that U.S. intelligence and military officials were worried that China or Russia might be trying out hypersonic technology.

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U.S. Government Agrees The UFO Sightings Can’t Be Explained But Refrains From Calling Them Extraterrestrial

Senior U.S. officials quoted in the Times article said that the report wasn’t clear enough for the government to say for sure that the unidentified phenomena couldn’t have been caused by aliens.

The government created the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force after a number of military pilots saw unknown flying objects moving at speeds and turning in ways that seemed to defy the limits of known technology and the laws of physics.

The USS Omaha UFO Sightings Explained!

The Navy started the task force last year to “better understand and learn more about the nature and origins of UAP incursions into our training ranges and designated airspace,” Reuters quoted a Pentagon spokeswoman as saying.

Since December 2017, the term “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAP, has mostly replaced the term “unidentified flying objects,” or UFOs. UFOs have long been associated with the idea of alien spacecraft.

In a New York Times article from that time, the Pentagon acknowledged for the first time that its warplanes and ships had seen UAPs and that they were trying to keep track of them. This was a big deal because for decades, the topic had been off-limits.


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