Long nails can complicate typing, requiring adjustments and possibly causing frustration.

Nail Shape And Length

Typing is crucial in daily life, whether for students or professionals. If it cause typing issues, rethink their shape and length.

Mastering the Art of Typing

Perfect your typing by maintaining proper posture, minimizing finger movement, and checking hand placement on the keyboard.

Choose accuracy, not speed

Start by prioritizing accuracy over speed when typing. Begin slowly to train your fingers, and apply press-on nails on a weekend to ensure comfort before the workweek.

Ergonomic keyboard For Typing

Opt for ergonomic keyboards with cushioned rests for comfortable and efficient typing with press-on nails.

Take Your Time

Learning to type with long nails takes time; so don't rush the process

Type Like a Pianist

Think like a pianist while retraining typing; minimize hand movements, focus on finger flexibility to reduce the risk of nail snagging or catching.