Who Is Cameron Mathison’s Wife? Everything You Need To Know About Venessa Arevalo!

Who Is Cameron Mathison's Wife? Everything You Need To Know About Venessa Arevalo!

Cameron Mathison was born on 25 August 1969 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. He went to McGill University in Montreal and got a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with a 3.7 GPA. He was also the leader of the basketball team called the Red Men (tied Terrell Owens in the celebrity slam-dunk competition at the NBA All Starr weekend). As a member of the Celebrity Players Tour, which goes to more than 16 cities in the US, Mr. Mathison can be seen on local golf courses and on the Golf Channel. He has an average handicap of five.

Mathison started playing Ryan Lavery on All My Children (1970) in January 1998. In 2003, this beloved character and actor came back to Pine Valley after being gone for more than a year.

54, a 1998 Miramax movie, was Mathison’s first full-length movie. He also appeared in the Canadian independent movie Washed Up (2000). His TV roles include The Drew Carey Show (1995), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), JAG (1995), What I Like About You (2002), F/X: The Series (1996), the TV movie Any Mother’s Son (1997) with Bonnie Bedelia, and See Jane Date on the ABC Family Channel on August 16th (2003). He was the host of the live world premiere of Walt Disney’s animated movie Tarzan (1999), which was shown on ABC.

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He also hosted the Soap Nets 2001 daytime Emmy red carpet special and E! Wild On! specials. Most recently, he was a guest star on Hope & Faith on ABC (2003).

Who Is Cameron Mathison's Wife? Everything You Need To Know About Venessa Arevalo!

The actor won the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Male Newcomer in 1999. In 2002, he was nominated for a daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor. He and his wife and their son, Lucas, just moved back to New York.

Who Is Cameron Mathison’s Wife, Venessa Arevalo?

Vanessa Arevalo is a business owner and entrepreneur, and she used to be a fashion model. She co-founded KEA + JOBY, a high-end clothing brand for kids. She is also married to Cameron Mathison and owns one of the biggest lines of clothes for kids. She was born in Puerto Rico at the beginning of the 1980s.

She has been called a supportive wife because she helped Cameron through his journey after he was told he had cancer. Even though she lives in Cameron’s shadow, her life is exciting.

In 1998, they met for the first time on a ski trip. Even though they had met at a health club meeting, the trip was their first chance to talk. Since then, they’ve become the best of friends and then fell in love. In January 2002, Cameron asked his girlfriend to marry him.

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The TV star took his then-girlfriend to the top of Vail Mountain in Colorado to remind her that they both liked skiing. He also chose Colorado because the two of them have a lot of memories there.

On July 27, 2002, the two of them got married. Even though they both come from big families, they chose to have a small, private wedding. Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Arevalo have a son and a daughter. Lucas was born in 2003, and Leila was born in 2006.

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