Who Is Christina Evangeline? SNL Star Keenan Thompson Files Divorce Papers

Who Is Christina Evangeline? SNL Star Keenan Thompson Files Divorce Papers

Kenan Thompson, the star of “SNL,” is taking the next step in his 11-year divorce from his wife, filing divorce papers and negotiating custody of their children.

Who Is Christina Evangeline? Early Life And Career

Christina Evangeline was born on March 24, 1989. She is an actress who is well known for her role in Mini Supreme (2015). Kenan Thompson has been her husband since November 11, 2011. They are the parents of two children.

Danny Estrada, the talent manager and founder of “Estrada Entertainment Group,” reportedly introduced Keenan and Christina for the first time.

Kenan revealed Christina is an interior designer at a Wendy Williams episode in 2018. She has previously worked as a model for a number of fashion magazines.

Her family is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, according to her website, so it’s safe to assume she’s from the same province.

Who Is Christina Evangeline? SNL Star Keenan Thompson Files Divorce Papers

Christina Evangeline Lost her Father and GrandFather on 9/11

9/11 is without a doubt one of the saddest days in human history. Thousands of people were killed in the terror strike that rocked the world. Christina’s family was no exception. Although we don’t have the full picture, we can piece it together from her Instagram feeds.

Joe, her grandfather, managed a construction company in New York City that erected a number of structures. Evangeline claims that her grandfather’s company was one of the five that helped to hoist the twin buildings into the sky. On the other side, her father was in charge of cleanup and repair.

“This is Joe, my granddad.” (My dad’s dad.) He assisted in the construction of the twin skyscrapers. “His company was part of a group of five that launched them into the sky; he was also in front of them watching them fall,” she explained in her Facebook post.

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Christina Evangeline’s Career

Evangeline began her career as a model before moving into the entertainment industry. She walked the runways for several fashion events and was even featured in numerous magazines during her modeling career. Her modeling career’s scope is unknown because she hasn’t revealed anything about it. Similarly, some internet reports claim that she was once a professional escort.

Who Is Christina Evangeline? SNL Star Keenan Thompson Files Divorce Papers

Christina has only been recognized as an actress for the short film ‘Mini Supreme,’ which was released in 2015.

She is currently employed as an interior designer in New York City. Her husband mentioned this on the Wendy Williams show.

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Kenan Thompson files for divorce from Christina Evangeline, his estranged wife

Kenan filed a legal separation from Christina Evangeline in New York last month, according to public records. The couple had split and were effectively co-parenting their children Georgia and Gianna, according to TMZ, who broke the story in April. The couple had been discreetly separated for a few years, according to reports.

Who Is Christina Evangeline? SNL Star Keenan Thompson Files Divorce Papers

Kenan and Christina agreed to split custody of their daughters Georgia Marie, 7, and Gianna Michelle, 3, 50/50, according to sources close to the former couple, and they are still living close to one another in NYC to make the custody arrangement simpler for everyone involved, especially the kids.

The couple had been separated for “almost a year already,” according to TMZ, and had been effectively co-parenting their children while working on opposite coasts. Insiders said they “just grew apart, but are able to remain great friends,” but didn’t elaborate on the couple’s divorce.

Thompson, 44, met Evangeline, 33, while she was working as an interior designer, according to reports. They married in an Atlanta ceremony in November 2011. During a 2020 interview with People magazine, the SNL actor discussed his family while promoting his Apple+ documentary film, Dads.

Kenan and Christina married in 2011 at an aquarium in Atlanta, saying their “I dos” there.

“It all just happened at the same time.” He told the outlet, “We were married for three years before we had a baby, but it was always on our minds.” “That was always the plan,” says the narrator. Everything about being a family man suddenly kicked in, and it’s been an incredible experience. I’ve definitely evolved and grown in ways I never expected.”

Our sources say they simply grew apart over the years, which is why they divorced.

Who Is Christina Evangeline? SNL Star Keenan Thompson Files Divorce Papers

Their lifestyles are very different from one another from a professional standpoint. Christina is employed in the field of interior design, in contrast to Kenan, who has always been in the public eye, first as a child star on Nickelodeon and now as the cast member at SNL who has been a part of the show the longest.

We’ve been assured that the divorce has been amicable and that both parties are putting their children’s needs first.

Thompson is now the cast member that has been with SNL for the longest amount of time. He first appeared on the show in 2003. Shortly after the conclusion of the 47th season of the series, it was inquired of Thompson whether he intended to leave the show in the near future.

He stated this to Entertainment Tonight by saying, “I mean, not that I know of.” “I know that we are at least attempting to make it to the 50th anniversary because that’s going to be a great year, do you get what I mean? After that, it’s like, I don’t know exactly how long I can keep doing it.”


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