Who Is Danielle Collins’ Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Her Current Relationship!

Who Is Danielle Collins' Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Her Current Relationship!

Danielle Collin had defeated Naomi in their latest match US Open 2022. Naomi Osaka still hasn’t figured out how to win a Grand Slam. She had to play against the late-developing American Danielle Collins, which was not a good matchup, but the players fought in a great way.

Collins was too fierce. He made it to the finals of the Australian Open in January and was the 19th seed in Queens. In a match that ended at 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, Collins won the first-set tiebreaker and beat the unseeded Osaka 7-6, 6-3.

“I’m the kind of person who thinks a lot, maybe even too much. “When I play matches, I sometimes have to tell myself to stop thinking and just go with my gut,” said Osaka, whose back has been bothering her lately. “I feel like I just need to chill out for a bit because my head is full of random chaos right now.”

After Collins won, fans are curious about her personal life.

Who Is Danielle Collins’ Boyfriend, Joe Vollen?

Joe Vollen is Danielle Collins’ rumored boyfriend. Since January 2022, Joe Vollen has been in a relationship with the tennis pro.

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She disclosed her current relationship status in a lengthy speech she delivered after her defeat at the 2022 Australian Open. She said, “It is due of my great partner Joe that I am able to take time away from work to support myself. You have made everything in my life a bit more pleasant and a little more intriguing, and I am grateful to you for that.”

Joe Vollen is a model who has been working since 2007 as a fit model. In the fashion design process, a fit model is used to see how a piece of clothing will look and feel on a real, moving body.

He has been a self-employed fit model for more than 15 years, according to his LinkedIn profile. Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, and many other well-known brands are among his clients.

Joe graduated from John Hopkins University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Brain Sciences. Since October 2008, the fit model has also been a guitarist in Mark James’ band The 45 King.

He has played guitar for Grammy-winning DJ Mark James, The 45 King, who produced singles like “Hard Knock Life” by Jay-Z, “Stan” by Eminem, “First Album” by Queen Latifah and the Flavor Unit, and many others.

Who Is Danielle Collins' Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Her Current Relationship!

Danielle’s Ex-Boyfriend, Thomas Couch

Thomas Couch is a professional athlete. The rumors that she is dating her ex-boyfriend Thomas Couch are common on social media because Thomas is more famous than her current boyfriend, Joe Vollen.

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He used to play Australian rules football and is the son of Brownlow Medal winner Paul Couch. Thomas played for both the North Launceston (TSL) team and the Melbourne Football Club (AFL) team (AFL).

Danielle and Thomas met for the first time at the Acapulco Open in Mexico in early 2019. At the time, he was working as a fitness trainer for several Australian tennis players. After that, he started training Danielle in 2019, and he started dating her a few months later. However, they are no longer together.

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