Who Is Diego Schwartzman’s Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

Who Is Diego Schwartzman's Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

Diego Schwartzman is an Argentinian tennis player who is famous for having had a good career despite being much shorter than most of his peers.

Schwartzman is only 5’7″ tall, but he has great racquet control and timing, which allow him to compete with taller and stronger players. His ability to consistently punch above his weight has won him fans all over the world.

Schwartzman was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was given the name Diego Maradona, after the famous football player from that country.

While he was growing up, his father Ricardo, and his mother Silvana did not have a lot of money. This made it hard for him to pay for his equipment and travel costs. But Silvana, a former tennis player, was determined for Diego to have a successful tennis career. To pay for Diego’s training, she started a business selling rubber bracelets. Schwartzman began playing tennis when he was seven years old. He also played football when he was young, but when he was ten, he decided to give tennis his full attention.

Schwartzman’s height was always thought to be a problem. When a doctor told him at age 13 that he would never grow taller than 5’7″, he thought about giving up the sport. But his family persuaded him to keep going, and now their faith and hard work have paid off.

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Schwartzman made it to the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam tournament for the first time since 1994 at the 2017 US Open. This showed everyone that height doesn’t matter when it comes to tennis success.

Who Is Diego Schwartzman’s Girlfriend In 2022?

Diego Schwartzman is dating Eugenia De Martino in 2022. Eugenia is both a model and an actress from Argentina. She grew up in Buenos Aires. Eugenia works for an agency called Ep Bookers, which is a modeling agency. She has been in a lot of ads and is very well-known.

Eugenia is very active on Instagram. She frequently shares her picture from the model photoshoots. Here is one other post:

An Insight Into Diego And Eugenia’s Relationship

In 2019, Diego and Eugenia met for the first time, and not long after, they started going out together. A friend brought the two sets of people together at a tennis club. The two of them love to travel together and have been to many different places. Eugenia regularly updates their fans about their tours by posting photos on Instagram.

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Recently, on August 16, Eugenio share a series of photographs with his loving boyfriend. She shared heart-melting birthday wishes on her beau’s birthday in Spanish language. The caption wrote,” eliz cumpleaños a mi personita preferida!!!!! 🥳💘 te mereces todo lo mas lindo y bueno del mundo entero!Que suerte la mia de tenerte conmigo! Te amo con el corazón! Que seas siempre siempre muy feliz 😍😍😍”.

In English, the translation for the same is, “Happy birthday to my favorite person!!!!! 🥳💘 you deserve all the best and most beautiful things in the whole world! I love you with all my heart! May you always be very happy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.”

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