Who Is Frank Ocean’s Boyfriend Memo Guzman? Details!

Who Is Frank Ocean's Boyfriend Memo Guzman?

Frank Ocean is open about being gay, but does he tell everyone who he’s dating at the moment? After some photos came out and a song called “Provider” came out, many people’s eyebrows shot through the roof. In 2017, the singer was seen with a man in very expensive seats at the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight in Las Vegas. At the time, Ocean’s fans noticed right away that there was someone special in the crowd.

It turned out that Memo Guzman was that special “friend.” Since then, a lot of people have thought that the two are in fact lovers. Frank Ocean didn’t confirm that he’s been in a relationship since 2017 until 2019. The actor finally talked about his dating life in an interview with Gayletter. Here is everything you need to know about his boyfriend, Memo Guzman, and their relationship.

Since this article was first published, not a lot has been confirmed about Frank Ocean and Memo Guzman. Ocean rarely puts anything on social media, and when Guzman does, it’s usually a selfie or a picture of him alone that someone else took. Frank’s career has moved forward, though. In December, he put out a nine-minute original song, and just last month, it came out that he is in talks with A24 to direct his first full-length movie.

Who Is Frank Ocean's Boyfriend Memo Guzman? Details!

Frank Ocean Wrote A Song That Talked About Memo Guzman

Fans thought there was something between Ocean and Guzman when they watched the fight at the MGM Grand together. They were sitting right next to the ring, and that’s not the kind of money you spend on just any old friend.

On the other hand, Provider was a big hint because Ocean is more open about his life and the most private parts of it in his songs. At the beginning of his song, he says, “Memo’s going to act up if I don’t see him soon.” Once he said his boyfriend’s name in the song, people began talking about them.

One Twitter user wrote, “Frank Ocean has a new boyfriend, and I’m still crying to Channel Orange.” Even though the singer has never said in public that he is dating Guzman, it is clear to many that Memo is the love of his life.

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In a 2017 interview with Gayletter, Ocean was asked if he used any dating apps “I don’t use apps to meet people. I have been with the same person for three years. Before that, I was sure not using dating apps. I probably wouldn’t use dating apps anymore. I don’t agree with Marc Jacobs’s view on that, so I wouldn’t rule it out, but using dating apps as a famous person is a little crazy.”

After realizing that many people on dating apps only wanted to talk to him because of his fame, Ocean said that he doesn’t like using apps to meet people.

Who Is Frank Ocean's Boyfriend Memo Guzman? Details!

Memo Guzman

Many fans think that “memo Guzman” is the Instagram name of Frank Ocean’s boyfriend. Guzman has more than 10,000 followers on the platform, and he is pretty well-known even though he only posts pictures with one emoji or no caption.

Guzman looks like he is around the same age as Frank Ocean, who is 33. Ocean says in his song Chanel that he is tall and “pretty like a girl.”

Ocean’s boyfriend seems to value his privacy, so official details about his job, birthday, and place of birth haven’t been made public yet.

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On July 4, 2012, the singer posted a heartfelt letter on his Tumblr blog. The ocean calls Guzman his first true love in the letter. He also thanks Guzman and his family, who have always been very important to him. Even though we don’t know much about Ocean’s boyfriend, it seems like they love each other very much. Lastly, Guzman really enjoys music. He has a lot of pictures of people at different concerts on his Instagram account. Most of them are likely at one of Frank Ocean’s tour stops.

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