Who Is Indi Hartwell Husband Dexter Lumis?

Who Is Indi Hartwell Husband Dexter Lumis?

Even though he was taken away from the ring, WWE fans cheered for him. He looked very angry at AJ Styles, who was in the ring. Some people think that the NXT wrestler may soon appear on Monday Night Raw.

Is Indi Hartwell Husband Dexter Lumis In Real Life?

On NXT on September 14, 2021, WWE wrestler Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis got married. Their wedding will go down in history as one of the most successful in WWE history.

Indi talked to Sean Ross Sapp about how everything happened much faster than anyone expected on his YouTube channel.

WWE fans were a little confused because each of them had posted pictures of the other on their official social media accounts. In one of his posts, Dexter wrote “Happy wife, happy life” next to a picture. It was a picture of their wedding, when Lumis choked the priest and Hartwell was all smiles.

Who Is Indi Hartwell Husband Dexter Lumis?

Both of them kept sending pictures of themselves to each other, but Indi later said in an interview that it was all for the show. On-screen, they play a husband and wife. This has happened before in the history of the WWE. There have been a lot of these kinds of relationships on the set of the show.

It looks like the WWE wrestler hasn’t tied the knot yet. Most of his social media posts, on the other hand, show that he works hard to keep both his body and his personality in good shape.

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Dexter Lumis And Indi Hartwell Love Life

It was said that Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell were dating. The NXT power couple seemed to be getting along on screen. But it became clear on the NXT show that aired on February 24 that she was starting to like him.

The week before, Hartwell was declared unconscious after the eight-person tag team match against The Way. This was a false alarm. Right then, Dexter took her with him as he left the ring.

After they won a match on NXT together on August 17, 2021, they got engaged. Lumis took the challenge right away and stepped into the ring.

They were often in the ring at the same time. But the relationship shown on screen was only there to be funny. When it comes to his real relationship, Dexter has kept quiet.

Who Is Indi Hartwell Husband Dexter Lumis?

But he hasn’t been seen with anyone who could be his boyfriend in real life, so he might be single right now.

WWE fans think of Dexter and Indi as husband and wife because they got married in the ring. There were a lot of wrestlers from the locker room at the wedding. As expected, it was a dramatic one in which Lumis choked the priest to death.

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Some fans thought they were real couples when they weren’t on stage, but that wasn’t true. They really are husband and wife on stage. It looks a lot like the wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley.

Fans would be very happy to see them get married in real life. But it seems like neither of them is ready to be married or in a relationship with the other because they are both so focused on their careers.

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