Who Is John Boyega Dating? John Reveals His Dating Criteria!

Who Is John Boyega Dating? John Reveals His Dating Criteria!

To be young, smart, good-looking, and Black. From Michael B. Jordan to Kofi Siriboe, it’s no secret that Hollywood is full of hot guys. Over the years, these handsome men have shown off their acting skills and given us something to look at. The list of good-looking men in Hollywood keeps growing, and British actor John Boyega is the latest star to get everyone’s attention.

John Boyega is an English actor. He became well-known in the UK after playing Moe in the 2011 movie Аttасk thе Вlосk. His big break came when he played Finn, a storm-trooper, in the Star Wars movie series.

He has also been in Half of a Yellow Sun, 24: Live Another Day, Imperial Dreams, The Circle, and Pacific Rim: Uprising.

John has been doing a press run to promote The Woman King. Since the 30-year-old has been talking more about his life, fans are eager to hear about his love life. So, the obvious question is: Is John Boyega single? Get comfortable while we give you the details!

Who Is John Boyega Dating In 2022?

In an interview on The Breakfast Club on September 16, 2022, John said that he is currently single.

Who Is John Boyega Dating? John Reveals His Dating Criteria!

He has said that he wants a special relationship with someone with whom he could spend the rest of his life. The actor seems to be hopelessly romantic and wants his relationship to be like the one between his parents. Also, he wants to have his own kids one day.

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Even though it might be hard for the Star Wars actor to find love, he has a lot of female friends. In 2015, he was said to be dating a woman he didn’t name, but she broke up with him when she found out he was a big star in Star Wars movies. In an interview, he said this about that event:

There are a lot of women like that. It can’t be too loud, they say. When it comes to love, I’m very broke. Money-wise, I’m fine, career-wise, I’m fine, spirit-wise, I’m getting there, and love-wise, if it were money, I’d have about £320.

John Boyega Says He Only Dates Black Women

In an interview with GQ, he said that there are certain things he looks for in a date, and now that he’s 30, he’s trying to be more honest and open with the people he dates. He made it clear right away, “I only date Black.” “Then it’s about chemistry, personality, goals. Is there a synergy? Can I help you? Can you help me?”

Who Is John Boyega Dating? John Reveals His Dating Criteria!

Boyega admitted that when he was younger, he was much more of a playboy. “Come on, [I’m] Yoruba,” he joked, referring to his Nigerian ancestry. “When I was in college, I was the guy. .”

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Now that he’s getting older, love is quickly becoming a more important part of his life. “I’m 30 now. From age 28, I just worked on getting peace and putting myself together. Move with honesty and transparency. No misleading. No lying. And giving my all to what I say I will do, “he said. “I mean, that’s the mental preparation, but the field…”

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