Who Is Kayce Smith Boyfriend? All You Need To Know!

Who Is Kayce Smith Boyfriend? All You Need To Know!

Kayce Smith is a well-known TV and radio host and sports reporter in the United States. Kayce Smith is a reporter who lives in New York at the moment. She now works as a sports reporter for Barstool Sports. She is a Melanoma cancer survivor.

Nathan Sebstha is Kayce Smith’s boyfriend. The two people became involved in each other in 2020, and the following year, the romance wheel began to turn out. Kayce kept her relationship a secret at first, and she was very careful that it wouldn’t be talked about in the media.

Who Is Kayce Smith Boyfriend? All You Need To Know!

She keeps her love life pretty quiet and doesn’t talk much about her boyfriend. But some of her Pics have gone viral on the internet, which proves that she is dating Nathan. People on the Internet even thought that the couple got married. But there is no proof that the same is true. No more information is known about their relationship.

Kayce Smith Won Her Cancer Battle

Kayce was watching her favorite team, Texas A&M, one day. Her team lost, and she was so mad that she tore her jacket on a cold October night. People in the stadium were surprised by what she did.

But one person in the crowd had a different response. She saw a white mark on her back and told Kayce about it. Kayce thought it was a birthmark, but it was actually a stage 1 melanoma, which is a type of skin cancer. The cancer was still in its early stages, and because it was caught early, it wasn’t able to spread.

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After beating cancer, she is now back in her career with more energy and courage. Kayce is a very strong person who is always ready to fight against the rocks in her life.

Throughout the challenging time, Kayce maintained a positive attitude and a hopeful vision. Now she’s back where she belongs—as a sportscaster.

About Kayce Smith’s Career

Kayce Smith was born in Texas, USA, on October 25, 1988, to parents named Ron Smith. But no one knows the name of her mother. Ally Elaine Smith is her younger sister. The family is of the Caucasian race. Kayce grew up in Arlington, Texas, and then went to Texas A&M University in Texas, USA, where she got her degree.

Kayce Smith’s started her career as an analyst and radio host at “TexAgs,” the blog and news site for her university. Soon after 2014, she became a sideline reporter for Fox Sports. She covered college football, basketball, and gymnastics.

Who Is Kayce Smith Boyfriend? All You Need To Know!

Kayce has been with BarstoolSports since 2018. She also appears often on local, regional, and national shows like “SiriusXM College Sports Nation” and “Outkick The Show” on Fox Sports.

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This host is thought to have a net worth of between $800,000 and $1 million, and she makes about $84,224 as a sportscaster.

Kayce Smith is well on her way to being a successful sports announcer and professional presenter.


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