Who Is Kaylee Hartung’s boyfriend? She’s Happy To Be Amazon’s NFL Sideline Reporter

Who Is Kaylee Hartung's boyfriend? She's Happy To Be Amazon's NFL Sideline Reporter

Kaylee Hartung, who is 36, works for ABC News as a reporter. She was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and got her Bachelor of Arts in journalism and politics from Washington and Lee University in Virginia in 2007.

In the past, she has also worked for CNN and ESPN, where she contributed to the SEC Network, mainly on the show SEC Nation. After a summer internship at NBC, she started her career as Bob Schieffer’s assistant, which led to a job as an associate producer on the Sunday news show Face the Nation.

Kaylee Hartung is in the news now as Amazon has hired Kaylee to do their Thursday Night Football coverage this fall. She will now be a sideline reporter for the primetime NFL showdowns this season.

Who Is Kaylee Hartung's boyfriend? She's Happy To Be Amazon's NFL Sideline Reporter

Due to her professional life, people are curious to know about the reporter’s personal life. Keep reading this article to know if Kaylee Hartung is married or has a boyfriend.

Does Kaylee Hartung Have A Boyfriend?

Kaylee Hartung is not dating anyone right now, and she has never been married. It seems that the famous reporter is busy in her career rather than dating a man at the time. Previously, there were rumors that Hartung was seeing Tim Tebow, who used to be a big star in the NFL. But the journalist quickly put things straight and said Tebow was like her brother.

She prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight, as she never talked about her family in the media.

In an interview, Kaylee said that she wants her future husband to be “someone who likes to watch and talk about sports.”

Who Is Kaylee Hartung's boyfriend? She's Happy To Be Amazon's NFL Sideline Reporter

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Kaylee Hartung Is Happy To Be Amazon’s NFL Sideline Reporter

Hartung told Barrett Sports Media in a recent interview that she left her job as a sideline reporter at ESPN in 2017 because she wanted to get better as a journalist. That led to her getting a job in traditional news at CNN and then at ABC.

But Hartung was ready for a change after five years away from sports.

Hartung said, “I just spent five years in a lot of situations where I was there on the worst days of people’s lives because that’s what the job in news is so often.” “In the hours after that mass shooting, I was in Parkland, Florida. I’ve been to more natural disasters than I can count, like hurricanes and wildfires, where people lost everything, including their homes and loved ones.

“I didn’t take the job lightly, and I have a lot of respect for it,” she said. “But now I can’t wait to start celebrating the best days of people’s lives again.”

Hartung will be able to do that at Amazon, which hired her on July 21, 2022, after it ended up going after her. Hartung has worked hard to get ready for her new job. She will use her experience as a sideline reporter for ESPN, and she has also been watching the work of former NBC sideline reporter Michele Tafoya to prepare for the role. She is also trying to give the fans something new, even though she knows that most of them will know more about each player than she does.

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Hartung said, “I try to challenge myself before every game by telling myself that no matter how hard I study, I will never know as much about these teams as their most loyal fans.” “My job on the sidelines is to make sure that from where I stand, I can tell them something they didn’t know or something that interests them… to make sure that I’m making that viewing experience better.”

Hartung is just glad to be back in the game, and she is especially happy to be a part of Amazon’s brand-new broadcast.


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