Who Is Mads Lewis Dating? Meet Kevin Mejia, Her Boyfriend

Who Is Mads Lewis Dating? Meet Kevin Mejia, Her Boyfriend

It looks like Mads Lewis has found a new person to date. When she posted a picture of herself with her new boyfriend, Kevin Mejia, her fans were shocked.

Since she broke up with Jaden Hossler, Lewis hadn’t been seen with anyone else. It was said that Lewis caught Hossler cheating on Nessa Barrett, who was also an influencer.

After her very public breakup with the singer, Mads went on to date Christian Plourde, who is also a content creator and singer (aka Sevryn). Fans were kept guessing about their relationship for a while before they came out as a couple in 2021.

But they broke up in early 2022, and since then, Mads had been linked to another Sway House alum, Josh Richards, who used to date Nessa. However, things didn’t work for long between them.

Quite recently (May 2022), TikTok star Mads Lewis and her boyfriend Kevin Mejia shared a cute photo of them on vacation. Many fans were surprised by the pic because they didn’t know that Lewis was dating.

Everyone is now curious about who her new boyfriend is. Here’s everything you need to know about how and when Mads Lewis and Kevin Mejia start dating and much more.

When Did Mads Lewis Start Dating Kevin Mejia?

Mads Lewis is rumored to be dating Kevin Mejia, who is her gym trainer. After Lewis and Mejia went to Disneyland with some of their friends around May 16, 2022, speculations about them being together started floating around.

After the trip to Disneyland with their friends, a lot of pictures of the “couple” turned up on Instagram. Even though most of the pictures are normal and show them with their friends, there are a few that only show the two of them.

For example, there was a picture of Lewis and Mejia that only showed their legs and shoes. In another, Mejia could be seen taking photos of Lewis as she posed with one of Disneyland’s mascots.

Also, there was a short gif-style clip in which Lewis was very close to Mejia’s body and was seen holding it while she leaned back toward her two friends, stuck out her tongue, and posed for pictures. Mejia’s tongue was also sticking out while he made the peace sign.

Similarly, there were a few more pics of them seeming very comfortable with each other.

And then on July 4, Lewis posted a picture of himself and Mejia with the words “te amo” next to it. The picture showed Mejia lifting up Lewis while she was in her swimsuit. Even though he couldn’t be seen in the photo, she tagged him, and he put it on his Instagram Story.

Today, (15th Sep) Mads has uploaded a few close pics with Kevin which leave no doubts as to how much in love the couple is

Who Is Mads Lewis Dating? Meet Kevin Mejia, Lewis' Boyfriend

So to the people who were still wondering if Mads Lewis and Kevin Mejia are dating each other or not, this should serve as a definitive answer.

Moving on, let’s get to know who Kevin Mejia is.

Who is Kevin Mejia? All You need to know

Mejia is a fitness trainer and a social media manager. He is reportedly 26 years old and was born in Colombia. He got his first job as a “maintenance boy” at the Gold’s gym near his home.

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Who Is Mads Lewis Dating? Meet Kevin Mejia, Lewis' Boyfriend

He started the private gym Dog Pound and is now its lead trainer and social media manager. In an interview with GQ, Kevin said that he started Dog Pound because he wanted to bring together people who liked to stay fit.

Mejia has worked with famous people like Justin and Hailey Bieber, Adam Levine, Sofia Richie, Lori Harvey, Maddie Ziegler, Taylor Swift, Kygo, and Maddie Ziegler.

Over 82.7k people follow Mejia on Instagram.


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