Who Is Malika Haqq’s Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Johnny Middlebrooks

Who Is Malika Haqq's Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Johnny Middlebrooks

Malika Haqq Malika Anjali Haqq, who was born on March 10, 1983, is a successful American actress and TV star. She is best known for her role as Penny in the 2005 movie Sky High. Khadijah Haqq, her twin sister, was also in the movie as an extra.

And now, Johnny Middlebrooks, who was on Love Island USA, is said to be dating Malika Haqq. On Friday, June 25, they were seen hugging and kissing on a date, which made people think they were dating.

Fans are now more intrigued than ever to find out more details about Malika Haqq’s boyfriend Johnny Middlebrooks, here’s all you need to know.

Everything You Need To Know About Malika Haqq’s Boyfriend Johnny Middlebrooks

Johnny Middlebrooks is a well-known fitness fanatic, model, and reality TV star. The TV star first became well-known when he took part in the second season of the dating reality show Love Island USA.

Who Is Malika Haqq's Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Johnny Middlebrooks

Middlebrooks will be 24 years old in the year 2022. On June 20, 1998, he was born in Virginia. On his Instagram account, @johnny_llee, the handsome model often posts pictures of himself modeling.

Johnny Middlebrooks, who was born and raised in Chesapeake and is now 24 years old, is well known for being on the second season of Love Island. Someone said that Johnny was a big romantic who was ready to be in a serious relationship.

Who Is Malika Haqq's Boyfriend? All You Need To Know About Johnny Middlebrooks

The aspring model was in “All Star Shore.” Johnny was one of the 14 famous people who were on the show, along with James Tindale, Bethan Kershaw, Luis Caballero, Marina Gregory, and Trina Njoroge.

Bonnie Sammons and Johnny Middlebrooks are Johnny Middlebrooks Jr.’s parents. From the pictures on Johnny’s Instagram, his sister Olivia, who is also pretty and works as a model, and he seem to be close.

Even though his parents are no longer together, they always help him. One of Johnny’s sisters got married and had a boy, so Johnny is also an uncle. Johnny’s mother has talked more than once about how her son is growing up.

Before they broke up in 2021, the reality star and Cely Vazquez, who was also on Love Island, were in a relationship. Malika Haqq is a friend of the Kardashians, and Johnny dated her for a short time.

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Is Johnny Middlebrooks Dating Bethan Kershaw?

First, let’s talk a bit about Bethan Kershaw. Bethan Kershaw, who was on Geordie Shore, also appeared in All Star Shore, which aired on MTV and Paramount+ on June 29, 2022. Johnny Middlebrooks, who will be on the 2020 season of Love Island USA, was the last person said to be dating Bethan Kershaw.

On a date at Tulum Beach in Mexico earlier this year, the bisexual All Star Shore star was said to have kissed Johnny Middlebrooks. Before him, Bethan Kershaw dated a few other famous people, but her relationships with them were not always smooth.

Nevertheless, fans still think they might have a spark between them. The rumors of Johnny Middlebrooks dating Bethan Kershaw were further lent credence when Johnny posted a pic of them together which seemed to show the close bond the duo share.

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So what exactly is going on here? On one hand, there are reports of Malika Haqq dating David Middlebrooks and on the other – Middlebrooks appears to be dating Bethan Kershaw.

So far there has been no confirmation or denial from either Malika or David’s side that they are dating. We will be the first to update our readers when further details emerge.


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