Who Is Ons Jabeur’s Boyfriend? Know About Her Relationship Status And Net Worth!

Who Is Ons Jabeur's Boyfriend? Know About Her Relationship Status And Net Worth!

Ons Jabeur is a professional tennis player from Tunisia. She is now thought to be one of the best female players in the world. She made it into the top ten in 2021, and she said she wanted to be number one in the world in 2022. So far, so good. On June 27, 2022, Jabeur was ranked No. 2.

Jabeur shoots with her right hand. Her varied game and drop shots, as well as her friendly, open attitude toward fans, the media, and other players, have won her fans all over the world. She is the best African tennis player of all time and is known as the “Minister of Happiness.”

She was born in Tunisia on August 28, 1994, in Ksar Hellal, which is close to Monastir. Issam Jellali, who used to play for Tunisia, has been Ons Jabeur’s coach since February 2020. Prior to him, Bertrand Perret, a Frenchman, used to coach her. They worked together for two years.

Who Is Ons Jabeur’s Boyfriend In 2022?

Ons is a married woman. Yes, you did hear it correctly. Karim Kamoun, a former fencer who is of Russian and Tunisian descent, is her husband.

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After dating for about two years at this point. On October 31, 2015, they both took the plunge and got married. The wedding took place in a small, intimate gathering, and afterward, the newlyweds shared photos from the event on their respective social media accounts. Not many people are familiar with her spouse.

Who Is Ons Jabeur's Boyfriend? Know About Her Relationship Status And Net Worth!

Her spouse, Karim Kamoun, who is a consistent figure in her player’s box at the event, is perhaps her strongest fan. And this is not only limited to US Open; he has been observed attending each and every tournament that she has participated in this year with her. Although Jabeur is working hard to build a name and an impressive profession for herself.  

Who Is Karim Kamoun?

Kamoun is a Russian-Tunisian fencer who has represented his country, Tunisia, in many international competitions over many years. He also has a master’s degree in sports science, and he is now working as a full-time physical trainer for World No. 2. He has been with her on every tour since then.

Because of her recent great play, Jabeur and Kamoun have become very popular in their home country. This is something that World No. 2 is very happy about.

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“People are very happy to see me when I go back to Tunisia. People sometimes clap and cheer for me even when they are driving. Karim, my husband, jokes that he doesn’t want to go to the mall with me anymore because too many people talk to me there. I love it though, “In a column for the BBC, Jabeur wrote and further added, “Getting to know people is a great part of my journey. I love seeing them and knowing how much they care. One reason I started playing tennis was because of this “.

Ons Jabeur’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Ons Jabeur’s Net worth is around $6-6.5 million as of 2022 which she has earned in her entire career. 

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