Who Is Patrick Cantlay’s Girlfriend? Relationship Info!

Who Is Patrick Cantlay's Girlfriend? Relationship Info!

Patrick Cantlay is a professional golfer from California who is a seasoned beginner golfer. He was long thought to be the best amateur golfer in the world, according to the World Amateur Golf Ranking.

In addition to the 2021 FedEx Cup, Patrick has won multiple times on the PGA Tour. He will be inducted into the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame in 2022.

Nikki Guidish has been Cantlay’s long-term girlfriend for a few years now. She met him on the 18th hole after he won the Tour Championship and New Orleans.

Since they have kept quiet about their relationship, no one knows how long they have been together.

Patrick Cantlay, girlfriend Nikki Guidish share kiss after TOUR  Championship win

But they were seen together for the first time at  Memorial Tournament at Jack Nicklaus’ Muirfield Village in 2021. Again, Cantlay won that tournament with Nikki by his side and a big smile on her face. She seems to be his lucky charm when he goes to tournaments.

Fans were shocked when Patrick and his slender girlfriend Nikki were seen together as Patrick won the 2021 FedEx Cup. Then they kissed and congratulated each other on winning.

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Meet Nikki Guidish, Patrick Cantlay’s Girlfriend

Nikki Guidish, who was born in Florida and is 30 years old, was seen lighting up the East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia. She used to be a model, but has been a doctor of pharmacy for over a year now.

Unbelievably, Nikki also competed in the world of bodybuilding. Nikki also thought about becoming a bodybuilder, and she has been in a few competitions.

When she was younger, her natural beauty helped her make a little extra money as a model.

She was often a footwear model on the US TV show Home Shopping Network. Even a Spring Break calendar in 2017 had to put her on the cover because she was so beautiful.

She went to the University of Central Florida to get fully prepared for her growing career in pharmacy. She worked at different hospitals, pharmacies, medical centers, and clinics while she was getting her doctorate at the USF College of Pharmacy. After getting her PhD, she started working as a pharmacist. She has been currently working at Palm Beach Pharmaceuticals for more than a year.

She is best known for being in the 2015 NPC Tim Gardner Tampa Extravaganza. But she found her calling in a career in medicine.

Who Is Patrick Cantlay's Girlfriend? Relationship Info!

She is quite active on Instagram with username @nikki_guidish and has 20.6k followers and 179 posts. She keeps posting photos of herself and also with her boyfriend, Patrick.

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What Is Patrick Cantlay’s Net Worth?

Cantlay has won a lot of tournaments on the PGA Tour, which has helped him build up an impressive amount of money. Cantlay has a net worth of $17 million as of August 2022.

Cantlay’s net worth should be at least twice what it is now by the end of his career.

Cantlay has won eight PGA Tour events and made $31.65 million on the course over the course of his career. And that’s not even counting the $15 million he got for winning the FedEx Cup last year.


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